Joe La Cumbre from Portarlington Snooker Club clinched his 3rd Stars Academy Ireland title recently at Joeys Snooker Club Dublin beating his stable mate Jack Maloney 2 nil in the final of the Under 14’s.  After securing the Under 12 and 13 Stars titles in January for the second year in a row,  makes Joe a real contender for future Stars events during the season.  Joe is now ranked number 1 on the Stars Academy National ranking list.  Jack Maloney reached his first ever final and was delighted with his snooker on the day and entered the ranking list number 10. Jack is looking forward to the next event in March.  Sean O’Connor from Kilkenny kept his number 2 spot on the rankings by reaching the semi finals.  Adam O’Shea from Sharkx in Newbridge entered the rankings at 11th after his semi final place in the event.  It was great to see newcomers to the Stars Academy events, such as 6 year old Cody Graham from Cavan CYMS, Darragh Maher and John Holland from Joeys Dublin, Gavin O’Donnell and Ben Cunningham from Portarlington, all had a great time in Joey’s.

Stars 14 &15  2015

Thanks to all the players and Congratulations to Joe La Cumbre on his win and to Jack Maloney on his fine performance.  Thanks to all the parents and mentors for their much appreciated support and thanks to Annette Newman and Larry O’Dea for their help and support on the day.  A big thank you to Derek Fagan for as usual providing excellent facilities and thanks to Keith for his great work behind the counter making sure everyone was fed and watered during the day.



Ruaire O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)                 2     Cody Graham (Cavan CYMS)                0

Adam O’Shea (Sharkx Newbridge)                       2     Tristan Graham (Cavan CYMS)            1

Emirjeta Doda (CBS Westland Row)                    Bye

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington S.C.)                     2     Darragh Maher (Joey’s Dublin)            0

Ben Cunningham (Portarlington S.C.)                 Bye

Jack Maloney (Portarlington S.C.)                       2     Darragh O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge) 0

Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)                                     2     Gavin O’Donnell (Portarlington S.C.)    0

John Holland (Joey’s Dublin)                               Bye


Adam O’Shea                                                            2     Ruaire O’Connor                                        0

Joe La Cumbre                                                         2     Emirjeta Doda                                            0

Jack Maloney                                                            2     Ben Cunningham                                      0

Sean O’Connor                                                         2     John Holland                                             0


Joe La Cumbre                                                         2     Adam O’Shea                                             0

Jack Maloney                                                           2     Sean O’Connor                                           1


Joe La Cumbre                                                        2     Jack Maloney                                             0


Joe La Cumbre        20,   23,   26

Sean O’Connor        25

Adam O’Shea          20