The RILSA Chairman Dan Carroll, Treasurer Annette Newman and committee members Paul Traynor and Lauren Carley, completed the Child Protection Officers Course 2 in Carlow recently.

The Carlow Sports Partnership joined with the Kilkenny Sports Partnership put on the course to facilitate a number of sporting associations and the evening’s course was very informative.  Ken Kavanagh who gave the course was impressed with the knowledge of the people in attendance and how important these courses are to the sporting bodies in Ireland.

The Irish Sports Council supports the local Sports Partnerships in holding and delivering these courses all over Ireland and we in RILSA are delighted to have our members take part and in doing so, it provides a safe and fun environment for all our children within our organisation during events in our busy season ahead and indeed for the future.

Thanks to Sandra Corrigan and Ken Kavanagh for their help and support and thanks

to our members for their interest and completing this course.