The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have established 5 new player standards within its organisation recently.  These new levels will be introduced during the 2017/2018 season with the objective of assessing each member and any new member on their playing ability.

Player ability will be assessed through an organised and developed system by RILSA coaches each year and continuous assessment will enable RILSA to introduce new ideas and assessment criteria’s to help everyone play to their individual potential.

Members will be encouraged to try to move up through the levels over time, while members wishing to remain at a level that suits their needs, will be supported by us to each individual in their chosen category.

Over the past 5 years we have set out our plan to ensure individuals can play the sport at a number of levels, with the introduction of the Intermediate Championship and Rankings.

With regards to our Under 21’s and Special Needs and Primary School events, these in essence are to create different events for our members while these categories don’t actually rate player levels, a young 12-year-old can just be as good as any of our more seasoned players on the circuit.

There is of the opinion that if you have a number of underage events and overage events that these are levels, well it’s not true, individual’s of all ages are capable of various standards.  So while introducing new levels, we must then cater for particular player standards within the scope of these new levels.

Just as a guide (NOT THE FULL CRITERIA) remember these are a guide and these levels can be adjusted over time.

IB Intermediate Beginner Between  8 – 15
IA Intermediate Advanced Between 16 – 25
A Amateur Between 26 – 45
SP Semi Professional Between 46 – 80
P Professional 81+