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Brook Potter from Darndale National School is the youngest player to take to the green baize for the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association.  Along with Brook we have Sally Farrell a 7 year old also took to the sport recently through the School League.

World Snooker Coach, Dan Carroll is on hand every Wednesday in Darndale N.S. to help with these young players to improve their technique and learn the basics of the game.  Within the first two sessions all these young players now know the colours in their order and the value of the various colours.  This helps with their every day maths through simple addition and as the sessions have proved over the past 3 years, these youngsters pick up simple maths through fun time activity in snooker.

Thanks to all the teachers and staff of Darndale and in particular Breda and Ruth for their support and also thanks to all the children for their energy and way they support each other through play and fun snooker.BROOKDarndale School Group