Aaron Holland took the Battle of Clontarf Snooker Title at Joey’s Dublin beating the in form Stephen McSherry who was last years runner up to Wayne Doyle in a great final.  Aaron went 2-1 up in a great display of snooker from both of these players at the interval in this best of 7 frame final, Aaron having breaks of 35 and 48 along the way

Aaron came back with breaks of 28, 30 to go 3-1 up and Stephen tried to take the 5th frame getting in with a break of 28 but Aaron just potted well getting small consistent breaks to win the 5th frame and give him the title.

On his way to the final Aaron Holland (Dublin) had wins over Adam O’Shea (Kildare) 2-0 last 32, Darren Brabrazon (Dublin) 3-0 last 16, Gary Seales (Dublin) 3-1 quarter final, Leon Costello (Kildare) 3-1 semi final while Stephen McSherry (Dublin) had wins over Cian Costello (Kildare) 2-0 last 32, Robbie Keogh (Laois) 3-0 last 16, Keith O’Reilly (Kildare) 3-0 quarter final and Jack Maloney (Laois) 3-1 semi final



Congratulations to Aaron on his win and to Stephen on his fine performance

A big thank you to all the players who supported this event from Carlow, Cavan, Kildare, Dublin, Laois – Offaly and to the organisations of the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association, Stars Academy Ireland, Dublin Snooker Federation and the Griffith Tour.  Thanks also to Derek Fagan and staff of Joey’s Snooker Club for all their help and support and providing first class facilities.

Thanks to Dennis McEntyre of Clontarf Tourism for his support as always and we wish Clontarf Tourism every best wishes and thank them for the fantastic charity work they do for the local communities in North Dublin.


Adam O’Shea (Kildare)        2       Cody Graham (Cavan)        0

Lee Maloney (Laois)             2      Alan Beale (Kildare)             0


Aaron Holland (Dublin)       2       Adam O’Shea (Kildare)       0

Darren Brabrazon (Dublin)  2      Tristan Graham (Cavan)      1

Tina Keogh (Laois)                 2       Declan Tuohy (Dublin)       0

Gary Seales (Dublin)              2       Christine Carr (Kildare)      0

Annette Newman (Carlow)   2       Jennie Hickey (Dublin)       0

Chris O’Reilly (Kildare)         2       Tom Moloney (Laois)          1

Paddy Fagan (Dublin)           2       Valerie Maloney (Laois)      0

Leon Costello (Kildare)         2       Martin Eastwood (Dublin)  0

Dave Seales (Dublin)             2       Liam Colleran (Kildare)       0

Jack Maloney (Laois)            2       Ger Colleran (Kildare)         0

Fran Keogh (Laois)                2       Derek Walsh (Dublin)         0

Lee Maloney (Laois)              2       Laura Alves (Dublin)           0

Cathy Dunne (Dublin)           2       Mick Walsh (Dublin)          0

Keith O’Reilly (Kildare)         2       Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)  0

Robbie Keogh (Laois)            2       Larry O’Dea (Dublin)          0

Stephen McSherry (Dublin) 2      Cian Costello (Kildare)        0


Aaron Holland                        3      Darren Brabrazon                 0

Gary Seales                              3      Tina Keogh                             0

Annette Newman                    3      Chris O’Reilly                        0

Leon Costello                           3     Paddy Fagan                           0

Jack Maloney                          3     Dave Seales                              2

Fran Keogh                             3      Lee Maloney                            1

Keith O’Reilly                         3      Cathy Dunne                           1

Stephen McSherry                 3      Robbie Keogh                         0


Aaron Holland                       3      Gary Seales                               1

Leon Costello                         3      Annette Newman                    1

Jack Maloney                         3      Fran Keogh                               1

Stephen McSherry                3      Keith O’Reilly                          0


Aaron Holland                       3     Leon Costello                            1

Stephen McSherry                3     Jack Maloney                            1


Aaron Holland                      4      Stephen McSherry                   1



Aaron Holland       28,29,30,33,35,37,48

Stephen McSherry    26,27,28,29,31,36

Annette Newman   20,22,24,28

Keith O’Reilly    20,23