Griffith Club League R/UP                             Clontarf League Winners


After yet another successful League where the Clontarf Team made up of Aidan & Niall Pollitt took the League Team Title for the first time.

The League was played over 16 weeks where all points were tallied for both Teams and Individual performances.

It was close all the way down to the last few weeks to see who would take the League title and Clontarf were delighted to see the title come their way at last.  A fight was on to see who would take the Individual Title with a number of players in contention right down to the wire.

Dave Seales of the Griffith Club was looking for a 3rd Individual Title win as the clock ran down on the final weeks of the league, Darragh Hackett also of the Griffith Club kept in close touch with Dave but also in contention and very close in points were the Pollitt Twins Aidan & Niall of the Clontarf Team along with Oisin Mac Fhearai and Kevin Lyons of Sportslink.

However after some great results, Aidan Pollitt finally made it top of the league table to win the Individual League Title, a great result for Aidan, with Darragh Hackett in a close second place.

Congratulations to Aidan on his win and to Darragh on a fine performance.  A big thank you to all our teams for their participation in making our events a great success once again.

Thanks to Joe Lyons and Sportslink for providing excellent facilities during the second half of the league.  The Cup results will follow shortly.