Annette Newman from Carlow got her 2019 National Billiards Tour off to a great start at the RILSA Academy in Newbridge with a convincing win in the Stars Academy Masters Billiards Ranking 1.  Annette started where she left off back in December after claiming her 4th National Billiards Championship title in a row.

The round robin timed events saw some great billiards on the evening at Sharkx.  Young Roisin Beale from Kildare started well against Stephanie Morrison from Carlow going into an early lead however Stephanie fought back to just lose out by 4 points to Roisin with a 41-37 score line.  Annette played exceptional billiards against the young Roisin winning their timed match 93 -20 while Christine Carr from Kildare had to play well against Stephanie to win their match 61-44.

Christine kept her good form against Roisin to finish with a 70-46 win while Annette compiled an excellent 132 score in 30 minutes against Stephanie who finished with a good 53.  This is the highest ever score by a player in a timed match since female billiards was introduced in December 2015 and it will be hard to beat.

Annette continued her form against Christine with a great 92-57 win to finish with a total of 317 points in this timed event, taking the title of Stars Academy Masters Billiards Champion 2019.  Christine finished with a credible 188 score to take 2nd spot while Stephanie finished on 134 followed by Roisin with 107 on the evening.

Congratulations to Annette on a great win and to Christine on a fine performance, thanks to all the players for their support and participation.

Annette now holds firm in number 1 spot while Christine is in 2nd place.  Stephanie has for the first time made it to number 3 on the National Rankings.  Stephanie who finished 5th last season is on course to finish in the top 4 by the end of the season as she makes great progress.  Roisin now moves into 4th place and her game has improved greatly.  Tina Keogh and Valerie Maloney will have to keep the pressure on as the season progresses, so a lot of billiards yet to be played as its only early days yet.

Going back over the past 3 seasons we are delighted to say that the standard is improving each season.  Our next event is the Intermediate Billiards Ranking 2 on Thursday 28th February at our Academy in Sharkx Newbridge.


Ranking Name Club/School Tot Tot
1st Annette Newman   Griffith Club, Carlow 4000 656
2nd  Christine Carr   Sharkx, Newbridge 3400 379
3rd  Stephanie Morrison Griffith Club, Carlow 3000 296
4th Roisin Beale Sharkx, Newbridge 2800 197
5th  Tina Keogh Portarlington S.C., Laois 2000 168
6th Valerie Maloney Portarlington S.C., Laois 1800 159