Current Irish Billiards number 1, Annette Newman from Carlow took her 4th National Billiards title in style at Sharkx Newbridge recently making it 4 in a row for the Carlow woman.

The first session saw Annette take on the youngster Roisin Beale from Kildare, with Roisin starting out well but the experienced Annette soon got into gear in this timed match to finish 58-15.

Tina Keogh from Laois made an appearance back to billiards after a long stay away, only to prove her standing with a close win over Stephanie Morrison from Carlow 32-26.  Current Irish number 2, Christine Carr from Kildare had a good win over Valerie Maloney from Offaly with a 48 to 28 scoreline to finish the matches in the first session.

Tina was in form against Christine in the second timed session, keeping close all the way to finish with the win 38-34.  Annette was in flying form against Valerie with a number of 20+ breaks finished with a 73 to 17 win over Valerie.  Stephanie went up a gear against Roisin, playing her best billiards to date with a number of small breaks, won the match 33-15.

The third session started well again for Annette as she saw off Stephanie with a 65 to 25 scoreline to keep her in touch of the title.  Valerie played well against the former number 2, Tina in their match to finish 34-25.  Christine played well against Roisin who was not having much luck as the event unfolded and the final score was 42 Christine, 11 Roisin.

After a short break, Annette once again was in fine form with a number of 20+ breaks saw off Tina with a 84-29 finish.  Valerie got into her stride against Roisin, playing well as we know she can and finished 52-25 against the youngster.  Stephanie kept close to Christine all the way and with just seconds to go made an 8 break to finish with a good win over Christine 35-31.

The last timed session was going to be very close indeed between Tina, Val, Christine and Stephanie with Roisin having to dig deep to recover from the previous matches if she was going to oust these at the final hurdle.  Annette was in a great lead at this point but didn’t lose focus because anything could happen.

Annette played good billiards against Christine as she finished 59-36 in their match.  Stephanie kept up her good form with a win over Irish number 3, Valerie 43-28 while Tina upped her play against Roisin with a good 44 to 24 finish.

Only 9 points separated Valerie, Stephanie and Tina after the points were tallied, making it one of the greatest contests to date for these players.  Valerie took 5th spot on the night with Stephanie making a semi final place for the first time and Tina taking a semi final medal after her time out from the sport.

Christine finished in second place on 191 points overall but Annette’s scoring on the evening saw her break the 300 mark for the first time with a 339 finish, just amazing billiards.

Annette has set the standard here in Ireland as we progress with our promotions in this cue sport discipline.

Congratulations to Annette on her win and in retaining the title for 2018 making it 4 and to Christine on her fine performance throughout.  A big thank you and well done to all the players who made the event such a great success and we look forward to 2019 as the National Billiards Rankings get underway.  We welcome Tina back to ladies billiards and she proved that she still has the skills with a 3rd spot finish.

Thanks to Bernie & Paul and staff of Sharkx for providing excellent playing conditions for our events.  Sharkx is the home of Irish Ladies Billiards since it’s inception back in 2015.


1.Annette Newman (Carlow)            2500 -339

2.Christine Carr (Kildare)                  2200 -191

3.Tina Keogh (Laois)                         2000 -168

4.Stephanie Morrison (Carlow)         2000 -162

5.Valerie Maloney (Offaly)                 800 – 159

6.Roisin Beale (Kildare)                      800 – 90