Annette Newman from Carlow took the 3rd Ladies Billiards Ranking the Stars Academy Masters at the RILSA Academy at Sharkx Newbridge recently making it 3 in a row for Annette.   With just one more Billiards Ranking remaining this season, Annette has secured the number 1 spot on the National Rankings giving her both the Snooker and Billiards top spots in Ireland.

Tina Keogh from Laois played very well and took runner up place leaving Lauren Carley from Carlow and Christine Carr (Kildare) 3rd and 4th place respectively on the day.

Christine hangs on to number 2 spot on the rankings closely followed by Tina with only 20 points separating them so it will come down to the last ranking in November to see will Christine hold her place or will Tina just take it at the last event, so a lot to play for between these two players.

Annette will be looking to retain the National Billiards Title in December.

Congratulations to Annette on her win and to Tina on a fine performance.  Thanks to Paul and Bernie of Sharkx for all their help and support towards women’s Billiards as its now the home venue for women’s billiards here in Ireland.


RILSA National Billiards Rankings – Top 6 players

Annette Newman   (Carlow)      600

Christine Carr   (Kildare)


Tina Keogh  (Laois)                     420

Lauren Carley  (Carlow)             220

Emma Carr  (Kildare)                 100

Valerie Maloney  (Laois)              80