The Women’s Billiards Tour ranking events for 2020 were finalised prior to the lockdown and we hope to play out the Championship in December providing restrictions are lifted.

Annette Newman from Carlow continued her great form winning 5 in a row by taking the Leinster Billiards Open at the RILSA academy at Sharkx Newbridge.

In the first session on the day, Annette Newman from Carlow took on Stephanie Morrison also representing Carlow in their round robin match. Both players got off to a slow start again only getting use to the new tables with Annette finishing strong towards the final minutes to take the win 47-23.  On the other table Christine Carr from Kildare started well against Joanna Ward also from Kildare in their match scoring well to finish with the win 63-36

Session 2 saw Christine continue her good form and seemed to be getting use to the new tables as she comfortably won against Stephanie who struggled throughout the match, Christine 69 to Stephanie’s 11.  Annette had to play well against Joanna as both players kept close all the way to the final minutes with Annette scoring well to finish with the win 55-41

As the final session got underway, Stephanie began to play better against Joanna but the match would go to Joanna on the alarm with a score of 41-32,  Christine who was leading on points and looked good to take her second ever title on the National Amateur Billiards Tour, knew she had to try and stop Annette from scoring but it was not to be as Annette got into her stride making a number of small breaks to finish with a 40 point lead on the alarm 84-44 to make it 5 in a row.  Annette finished on 186 to Christine’s 176 once the points were tallied.

Congratulations to Annette on her win and to Christine on a fine performance.  Well done to all the girls for their efforts.  Thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their support as always.

Report on event 6 will be published soon