Annette Newman from Carlow continued her winning streak taking the National Billiards Ranking 4 The Kildare Open in Newbridge recently.

The first timed session, saw both the National Amateur and National Intermediate number 1’s, Annette Newman and Valerie Maloney (Offaly) go head to head with Annette taking the match 48-22.  Tina Keogh (Laois) kept in close contact with Christine Carr (Kildare) to finish their match on a draw 43-43 while the junior players of Roisin Beale (Kildare) and newcomer to ladies Billiards, Jennifer Earle (Dublin) were to have a slow start to the evening finishing on a low score going to Roisin 22-9

Session 2 saw the players all make improvements in their scoring as Annette won against Roisin 52-27 with Jennifer making great progress against Christine and was ahead on points going into the last 5 minutes of time but Christine’s experience held well to finish the match 44-35.  Valerie and Tina’s match was a close affair, with Valerie closing out the winner as the time ticked down to finish 60-54

Session 3 Saw Annette take her 3rd win of the evening against Tina as the alarm sounded to finish 39-19 while Valerie had to play good to keep off the newcomer Jennifer to finish with her second win 42-27.  Christine again had to dig deep towards the end of time as Roisin was in front all the way to the final minute to take the win 38-33.

In session 4 Annette was to show her skills against the youngster Jennifer as she closed out the match with a good score of 70 to 12 taking win 4 on the evening.  Tina took her first win of the event as she closed out with a 10 point gap against Roisin to finish 44-34.  Valerie was now playing good billiards and ousted Christine 52-33 as the clock timed out.

The 5th and final session was yet another success for the current Champion and number 1 as she saw off Christine with another good score of 67-39.  Valerie kept her good form against Roisin with a finish of 50-28 in their match.  Tina had to play well against Jennifer to finish with another win 40-28

Overall it was a great evening of female billiards at the CYMS Newbridge with everyone really enjoying their Billiards and making improvements all the time.

Congratulations to Annette on her win and to Valerie on a fine performance throughout.  Tina took 3rd spot on the night closely followed by Christine in 4th place.

Annette is now way ahead on the National Rankings as she makes a bid to finish number 1 for the 5th season in a row.  Annette’s lead of 1900 points will be difficult to catch up on as there are only two more rankings ahead, so we wait and see.  Christine is hoping to finish number 2 again but she will have to keep both Roisin and Valerie from making progress as they are certainly in contention of taking a top spot by season’s end.

There was much improvement in Roisin finishing with 144 points and Jennifer showing great promise for the future finishing with 111 points in her first ever event.

Thanks to Jim and Brendan of the CYMS for all their support and we look forward to going back to the CYMS for future events.


Ranking Name Club/School 2017/2018 Tot Tot
1st Annette Newman   Griffith Club, Carlow 1000 8500 1317
2nd  Christine Carr   Sharkx, Newbridge 1000 6600 846
3rd  Roisin Beale Sharkx, Newbridge 1000 5600 545
4th Valerie Maloney Portarlington S.C., Laois 1000 5200 639
5th  Stephanie Morrison Griffith Club, Carlow 1000 3000 296
6th Tina Keogh Portarlington S.C., Laois 1000 2800 368
7th Jennifer Earle Dublin 1000 1800 111