Students from the Avanti School in Naas were given a day of coaching by World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll at Sharkx recently.  The students come from Spain and Belgium and were excited to learn all about the sport of snooker.

Dan began by explaining the very basic rules and how to set up the balls on the table.  By the end of the first 30 minutes all the students knew the value of the balls and how to set up the table along with spotting the colours and the value of various fouls.


The second part of the coaching session included how to form the Bridge, Stance, Cue Arm and strike the cue ball in the centre.  All the students were very good at picking up these basics and they wen on to enjoy the rest of the day at Sharkx playing snooker.

Thanks once again to Paul, Bernie and staff of Sharkx for providing excellent facilities for these young students who have now been introduced to the sport and they said that they will certainly play more snooker in the future.