The 6th RILSA National Special Needs Snooker Championship was held at their Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently. Chloe Hutton from St Laserians Carlow took the title in a great final against Sileena Ennis from St Marks Newbridge.

This is the second time that the title heads back to Carlow.  The event was a fantastic success once again with good numbers attending and participating.  10 new faces this time round, we at RILSA are delighted to see new girls take part and get involved in cue sports.

In the preliminary round we saw Aoibheann Kearney go through to the last 16 with a win over Naomi Moore and Alex Murnane with a win over Ailish Murphy.  Orla Duffy won against Aoife Williams and Celine Chelairu took the frame needed against Chloe Carey for a place in the last 16.  Fiona Carr won over Kerry Doran to go through to the last 16 of the event.

The top half of the draw saw number 1 seed Sileena Ennis from St Marks move through with some ease to the semis against Aoibheann Kearney L16, Vera Lawlor in the Quarters while Caroline O’Connor had wins over Niamh Barret L16, and Abbie Thompson in the Quarters to meet Sileena in the semis.

The bottom half of the draw saw Chloe Hutton the number 2 seed move through again with some ease to the semis with wins over Kristin Earles L16, and Jessica Beatty in the Quarters while Chantelle Meaney won over Emma Daly in the L16 and Fiona Carr in the Quarters to complete the semi final line up.

With 3 players representing St Laserians in the semis it was certain that one would reach the final and Sileena Ennis was under pressure to try and secure her place in the final to balance things out.  Sileena did just that and won over Caroline O’Connor to make the final while Chloe Hutton finished strong against stable mate Chantelle Meaney to meet Sileena in the final.

The final itself was a tense affair with both players taking a few minutes to settle.  Sileena went into a lead but Chloe came back strong to overtake her on the colours to take the match and title of RILSA National Special Needs Snooker Champion 2019.

Congratulations to Chloe on her win and to Sileena on a fine performance.  Thanks to Rachael, Mary Teresa, Veronica, Deirdre and all the other teachers from the schools for their help and support.  Thanks to Aidan Murray for refereeing the final and Christine for marking the score.

Thanks to all the players for their support and participating and a big thank you to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for providing excellent facilities for the event.

All those who took part will receive National Ranking points in both the Special Needs Ranking and RILSA National Ranking to encourage them to continue to come out and participate on the RILSA tour.



Aoibheann Kearney       1      Naomi Moore           0

Alex Murnane                1      Ailish Murphy           0

Niamh Barret                 1      Jean Corcoran           0

Orla Duffy                      1      Aoife Williams           0

Celine Chelairu              1      Chloe Carey               0

Fiona Carr                      1      Kerry Doran               0

Kirsty Curtis                   1      Lucy Corcoran           0

Jessica Beatty                1      Zoe Smith                  0


Sileena Ennis                 1      Aoibheann Kearney     0

Vera Lawlor                   1      Alex Murnane             0

Caroline O’Connor        1      Niamh Barret              0

Abbie Thompson          1      Orla Duffy                   0

Fiona Carr                     1      Celine Chleairu            0

Chantelle Meaney         1      Emma Daly                 0

Jessica Beatty                1      Kirsty Curtis                0

Chloe Hutton                1      Kristin Earles               0


Sileena Ennis                 1      Vera Lawlor                0

Caroline O’Connor        1      Abbie Thompson       0

Chantelle Meaney         1      Fiona Carr                  0

Chloe Hutton                 1      Jessica Beatty            0


Sileena Ennis                 1      Caroline O’Connor     0

Chloe Hutton                1      Chantelle Meaney       0


Chloe Hutton                1      Sileena Ennis               0