Christine Carr took her second county championship title at Sharkx Newbridge recently against Rachel Bradley in a great showdown, a repeat of last years final.

The event attracted a field of 16 players a slight improvement last years inaugural event.  These County Championships are certainly the way to go for women and young girls at county level as it gives individuals a chance to get involved and take up a sport that they may not otherwise had an opportunity to try out. RILSA is fully committed to county events as this grass root venture is taking hold around Ireland.

We realise that programmes such as these take a great deal of time to get going but once they become established at county level it will encourage more women and girls to get involved at National level.

Christine had good wins over Lucy Corcoran in the last 16, Lucinda Monaghan in the Quarters and a close encounter against Grace Brennan in the Semis to reach the final while in the other end of the draw we saw Rachel Bradley make it through to the final with wins over Megan Keenan, last 16, Celine Chelariu in the Quarters and Katelyn O’Reilly in the semis.

The final was yet another close encounter between these two players as they have met on numerous occasions in the past with Christine just edging out on Rachel once again to win the frame and take the title of Kildare County Champion 2018.

Congratulations to Christine on her win and to Rachel Bradley on a great performance.

A big thank you to all the ladies for their participation and to Aileen O’Brien our County Secretary for gathering the girls for this annual event in Kildare.  Thanks to all those who helped out on the day and to Annette for her support and refereeing the final.  Thanks to Paul & Bernie and staff of Sharkx for their support towards our initiatives and providing fantastic facilities.


Rachel Bradley                 2      Megan Keenan      0

Celine Chelairu                2      Edel Hannon          0

Katelyn O’Reilly               2      Aoife Williams        0

Sileena Ennis                   2      Marion McKeon     0

Grace Brennan                2      Candice Craugwell  0

Shannon Kelly                 2      Mariel Sue Montes  0

Lucinda Monaghan         2      Niamh Barrett         0

Christine Carr                  2      Lucy Corcoran        0


Rachel Bradley               2      Celine Chelairu        0

Katelyn O’Reilly              2      Sileena Ennis           0

Grace Brennan                2     Shannon Kelly          0

Christine Carr                 2      Lucinda Monaghan  0


Rachel Bradley              2      Katelyn O’Reilly        0

Christine Carr                2      Grace Brennan         0


Christine Carr               2      Rachel Bradley          0