Leon Costello played exceptional snooker recently to bag the second Stars Academy Ranking event of the season, beating club mate Keith Murphy in the final.  This now puts Leon at number 2 on the rankings.  The event at Bray Bowl was a great success,  all the players were given a game of bowling and after the snooker they had a go at the Quazar and then pizzas for all at the end of the day.  Congratulations to Leon on his win and to Keith on a great performance.  Top 8 on the rankings are, 1 Aaron Holland, 2 Leon Costello, 3 Keith Murphy, 4 TJ Sweeney, 5 Sean O’Connor, 6 Dylan O’Connell, 7 Reece Doyle and 8 Jamie Maloney.

Portarlington Group 3Portarlington Group


In the Intermediate Ranking event  Sean O’Connor overcame a great game against Robbie Keogh to give him the win.  This means that Robbie now tops the Intermediate rankings and  Sean moves into 6th place.  Congratulations to Sean on his win and to Robbie on a great performance and taking the number 1 on the Intermediate rankings. A big thank you to Boz, Olivia and Fintan of Bray Bowl for their support and providing excellent facilities on the day.  Thanks to all the players who travelled from around the Country to make this ranking such a great success and to all the parents and mentors for their support.  Congratulations to Portarlington Snooker Club on their recent sponsorship from Portarlington Credit Union,  it was great to see all the players well turned out in their new shirts with logos.

Stars Ranking 2 Matches 1Stars Ranking 2 Matches

On behalf of myself and Stars Academy Ireland,  I wish everyone a great Christmas and the very best in 2015.



Robbie Keogh (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                     2                Alan Beale (Sharkx Newbridge)                     0


Keith Murphy (Sharkx Newbridge)                                2                Jack Maloney (Portarlington S.C. Laois)     0

Joshua Bates (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                      2                Laura Regan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)           0

Daragh Fullam (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                  2                Cian Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)                  0

Dylan O’Connell (Joeys Dublin)                                     2               TJ Sweeney (Kildare Town Community School)  0

Cameron Mullins (Sharkx Newbridge)                         2               Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)                                 0

Adrian Regan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)                        2               Lee Maloney (Portarlington S.C. Laois)         0

Jamie Maloney (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                  2               Robbie Keogh (Portarlington S.C. Laois)       0

Leon Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)                                2              Luke O’Callaghan (Portarlington S.C. Laois) 0


Keith Murphy                                                                        2              Joshua Bates                                                             0

Dylan O’Connell                                                                  2              Daragh Fullam                                                          0

Cameron Mullins                                                                 2              Adrian Regan                                                             0

Leon Costello                                                                         2             Jamie Maloney                                                          0


Keith Murphy                                                                         2             Dylan O’Connell                                                       0

Leon Costello                                                                         2             Cameron Mullins                                                      0


Leon Costello                                                                         2             Keith Murphy                                                             0