The Dublin Snooker Federation Division A leagues have been up and running over the last 4 weeks and with a new format in place this season.  The leagues are played on an individual basis throughout the season with the points combined at the end to see who will be in first and second place to play off for the league team title, while the league matches throughout will also determine the individual league champion.

Daragh Hackett of the Griffith Club A is currently tops on the individual rankings with 16 points closely followed by Gary Seales of Griffith Club B in 2nd and Dave Seales of Griffith Club A in 3rd spot, 4th place is Oisin Mac Fheari of Sportslink with 15 points.

The Griffith Club A Team is now tops on the league table with 32 points closely followed by Sportslink with 29 points

Still a long way to go in the leagues and there will be many changes to these rankings and tables as the season progresses. The league committee wishes all our players a most enjoyable season and we are delighted that the new format is going well and that everyone is happy.


Griffith A          32

Sportslink        29

Clontarf          26

Joey’s            26


Daragh Hackett (GRIFFITH A)      16

Gary Seales (GRIFFITH B)           16

Dave Seales (GRIFFITH A)           16

Oisin Mac Fheari (SPORTSLINK)   15

Aidan Pollitt (CLONTARF)              14

Paul Harrison (SPORTSLINK)        14

Niall Pollitt (CLONTARF)                12

Derek Walsh (JOEYS)                    10