Ruth with the GroupDarndale Group with Annette

Over the 8 weeks at Darndale N.S. in Dublin, Dan Carroll introduced some 16 children to the sport of snooker.  These 6 & 7 year old’s were excited to be part of the Stars Academy School promotion initiative and are able to understand the basics of the sport.

Dan gave them routines and mini games to help them understand the sport and they can now set up the table in the proper manner knowing the value of the balls and basic rules to get them started.  Over the 8 weeks they all played one another in 1 frame matches and were awarded medals for their efforts.

Darndale Boys GroupDarndale Group

We will visit the school again soon with the start of another promotion.  Over the past two years we have introduced 40 young players from Darndale N.S. to snooker.

Thanks to Breda and Ruth for their continued support and they are absolutely delighted with the standard of coaching given and that the students are thriving within themselves with their maths and hand and eye co ordination just by taking up snooker.

Darndale Girls with Annette

Thanks to our National Ladies Champion Annette Newman who was on hand to present the medals.  Annette is delighted to see the young girls getting involved and it’s through the school initiatives by RILSA that we will produce future National & International/World Champions.