After 22 weeks of league snooker, Dave Seales of the Griffith A team, came out the Dublin Federation Individual Champion 6 points clear of Paul Harrison of Sportslink.

It was close all the way between these two players.  In the first half of the season, Dave and Paul levelled their match 2-2 but Dave got the better of Paul in their second half match with Dave winning 3-1, however it was not just the matches between the two top players, as many more matches against formidable opponents had yet to decide their fate as the league progressed.

Other players in the mix especially during the second half were Darragh Hackett (Griffith A), Gary Seales (Griffith B) Oisin Mac Fheari (Sportslink) and Niall Pollitt (Clontarf) all had their say during their matches and put the pressure on.

Congratulations to Dave on his win and to Paul on his fine performance throughout.  Well done to all the players for their participation in this our 16th League season and we welcome all our new players this season.

The league was very successful with all matches played and everyone enjoyed their matches and are already looking forward to next season.

Thanks to all our teams for their support and especially Joey’s Dublin for hosting the league matches.

The Dublin Snooker Federation are in partnership with RILSA and have supported them over the years and we at RILSA thank all the players and officials in the Dublin Snooker Federation for their support.


  1. Dave Seales (Griffith A)                 98
  2. Paul Harrison (Sportslink)           92
  3. Darragh Hackett (Griffith A)        86
  4. Gary Seales (Griffith B)                  77
  5. Oisin Mac Fheari (Sportslink)      74
  6.  Niall Pollitt (Clontarf)                   68
  7. Aidan Pollitt (Clontarf)                  65
  8. Killian Rock (Griffith B)                63