Dave Seales won the 2nd Griffith Tour, the Masters at Sharkx recently with a great display of snooker throughout the competition bringing him into 3rd spot on the tour ranking.

Leon Costello reached his second final in a row in the tour putting him in top spot while Annette Newman’s Quarter final place has her in 2nd place.  Very little between the top 3 players with Leon on 240, Annette 230 and Dave on 210 points followed by Peter McDermott on 180 completing the top 4 in the money, however its early days as the tour progresses and like every season things will change.

Congratulations to Dave on his win and to Leon on his great performance.

The tour plate final was contested between Dan & Annette in which Annette won clearing up from brown to black to take the frame.  The plate top 4 are Declan Tuohy in top spot on 200, 2nd is Alan Beale also on 200, with Annette’s win she is in 3rd place on 150 while Dan is in 4th with 120 points.

Well done to Annette on her win and a big thank you to everyone who took part and supports the Griffith Tour.

Thanks to Paul & Bernie of Sharkx for providing excellent facilities at Sharkx.


  1. Leon Costello           240-9
  2. Annette Newman    230-6
  3. Dave Seales              210-7
  4. Peter McDermott    180-5


  1. Declan Tuohy          200-1
  2. Alan Beale                200-0
  3. Annette Newman    150-2
  4. Dan Carroll               120-1