The Dublin North team made up of Dave and Gary Seales are just ahead of the current holders the Griffith Club from Carlow, Annette Newman and Dan Carroll.  With 4 points only separating them, still all to play for as the league progresses.

Unfortunately the Dublin South Team of Dave and Jennifer Earle had to drop out from the second half of the league but are now replaced by another Carlow team of Stephanie Morrison and Martin Foley.  We want to thank Dave and Jennifer for their support and participation and we hope to see them back sometime in the future.  We welcome Stephanie and Martin into the league and wish them every good luck for the remainder of the league season.

Holding 3rd spot is Morristown from Newbridge of Richard Cullen and John Dempsey followed in 4th place by newcomers Carlow Town Stephanie Morrison & Martin Foley

On the individual league table, Dave Seales remains number 1 while Dan Carroll is fighting to stay close, 3rd is Annette Newman and 4th is Richard Cullen


Position Team Points
1 Dublin North 112
2 Griffith Club 108
3 Morristown 98
4 Carlow Town 57
5 Sharkx 52
6 Newbridge Town 35



Position Name Points
1 Dave Seales 61
2 Dan Carroll 56
3 Annette Newman 52
4 Richard Cullen 51
5 Gary Seales 51
6 John Dempsey 47
7 Christine Carr 35
8 Stephanie Morrison 31