The Dublin Snooker Federation Leagues are 6 weeks into the 2017-2018 season with 32 matches completed to date.

Dave Seales of Griffith A, is just holding on to number 1 spot shared with Pierce Sloan of Joeys A, both on 26 points.  3rd place is currently held by Oisin Mac Fheari of Sportslink and again shared with team partner Paul Harrison again both on 22 points in 4th place on the individual ranking, their last results gives them their places on the table.  5th is Pat Holmes of Joeys A on 20 points with Darragh Hackett from the Griffith A Team in 6th spot with 16 points.


  1. Dave Seales           GRIFFITH A          26
  2. Pierce Sloan          JOEYS A               26
  3. Oisin Mac Fheari   SPORTSLINK        22
  4. Paul Harrison        SPORTSLINK        22
  5. Pat Holmes           JOEYS A               20
  6. Darragh Hackett   GRIFFITH A          16
  7. Sean Reynolds      JOEYS B               15
  8. Aidan Pollitt          CLONTARF           12


Joeys A Team are topping the league table on 46 points with Sportslink just two points behind on 44 with the current league champions Griffith A in 3rd place with 42 points, so very little in it as we move towards Christmas and 5 weeks remaining in the first half of the season.

A full report will be published just before Christmas on this website



  1. Joeys A                     46
  2. Sportslink                 44
  3. Griffith                      42
  4. Clontarf                    23