Fergal O’Brien paid a visit to St Marks Special School in Newbridge recently to present certificates to the students that completed their exams last June.

Fergal was taken aback, after his previous visit earlier in the year at the work done by RILSA in the school and the many schools he visited.  The excitement and positive feeling from all the students was just amazing, the idea of snooker at the school and to have Fergal meet and play against some of the students, opened his mind at how sport and in particular snooker has helped with their focus, hand and eye coordination along with having such a calming affect on them.

When asked by Alma the Principal to return to present the certs, Fergal had no hesitation in saying yes.  We are delighted that Fergal is now involved in our initiatives, may it continue for many years.

Before the ceremony, Dan Carroll thanked Fergal for taking time out of his busy schedule to present the certificates to the students and also for donating a new set of snooker balls and paying for a new cloth for the table at the school, it is so much appreciated.

Aileen O’Brien our RILSA National Special Needs liason Officer and teaches at St Marks was delighted with the presentations and donations from Fergal, deputy principal Ross was on hand to thank Fergal on behalf of everyone at St Marks.

Thanks to Aidan Murray who is constantly in touch with the school throughout the year, coaching and helping the students play the sport.  Thanks to Mary, who is the first point of contact at the school, she does great work and we appreciate all her help and support.  Thanks to Aileen who organises the players for all the tournaments and to Ross & Alma along with all those teachers at St Marks for the fantastic work they do day in and day out for these very special people.

On completion of the presentations, Aileen presented Fergal with a token of appreciation and a bunch of flowers to Annette Newman for all her help and support towards the school’s initiative in promoting women’s cue sports.

Congratulations to all the students on receiving their well deserved fetac certificates and we look forward to many years of friendship and sport with St Marks Special School.