Gary Seales had a good 2 nil win over Dave Seales in the final of the Griffith Cup, Tour 4 at Joey’s Dublin recently putting Gary into 3rd spot on the Tour rankings with 410 points.  Dave now has a healthy lead in number 1 spot on 520 points with Annette Newman holding number 2 spot on 420 points.

In the plate rankings, Declan Tuohy is in number 1 spot on 440 points with Gary Seales in 2nd place on 300.

We have 2 more Tour events remaining and there is still time for our players to make big changes to the rankings.

Congratulations to Gary on his win and to Dave on his fine performance on the day and thanks to all our players for their support.  Thanks again to Derek Fagan and staff of Joeys for their support and providing excellent facilities for our events.

Tour Ranking Top 4

1 Dave Seales              520

2 Annette Newman    420

3 Gary Seales               410

4 Dan Carroll               400


Tour Plate Rankings

1 Declan Tuohy            440

2 Gary Seales                300

3 Leon Costello            270

4 Dan Carroll                150