The Griffith Club Carlow made up of Annette Newman & Dan Carroll win inaugural Leinster Snooker Federation League Title after a very successful 26 week League

With a possible 10 points to be made each week, both Annette & Dan started well with 8 points on week 1 followed by 2 weeks of 10 point wins and collected 9 points on week 4, weeks 5 & 6 saw 7 point wins for the team followed again in week 7 with another 10 point win.

After the first quarter the team was on course to do very well as they headed into the 6 week stretch coming up to Christmas 2017.  Week 8 was another great result with a 9 point win followed by two more good 7 point wins in weeks 9 & 10.  Week 11 saw the team only pick up 4 points while a 6 point win on week 12 and a 8 point finish on week 13 saw the Griffith Team from Carlow top the league table with a good lead to help set them up for the second half of the season.

The Morristown Team made up of Richard Cullen & John Dempsey were keeping in touch with the Griffith Club along with the Portarlington Team of Tina & Robbie Keogh close on their heels.  So still a lot to play for when the second half of the league commenced on 23rd January 2018.

With the Griffith Team on 112 points followed by Morristown on 88 with Portarlington on 86, it promised to be a great second half.  However the Griffith Club got off to a great start with an 8 point win followed with 9 points in week 15 while they upped their game with two 10 point wins in weeks 16 & 17 to push ahead putting pressure on the other teams, this seemed to work well for the Griffith Team as weeks 18 &19 got them yet another two 8 point wins followed with a 9 point win in week 20.  It was at this point in the league that the remaining teams had to try to stop their good results if they had any chance of gaining on them.

Week 21 saw the Griffith Team take another 10 point win followed with two more 8 point wins in weeks 22 & 23 to secure them the League Title with 3 weeks remaining.  It was now down to a race to collect as many points as possible between Morristown & Portarlington to see who would take second spot,  It was nip and tuck but Morristown managed to hold of a great fight from Portarlington to take second spot with only 7 points separating them at the end.

Congratulations to the Griffith Club on their win and to Morristown on a fine performance.

A big thank you to all the Teams and players who supported and played the leagues over the 26 weeks and we are looking forward to September when the 2nd Leinster Snooker Federation Leagues will commence.

Thanks to Paul & Bernie of Sharkx for all their support and providing tables each week of the League.


  1. Griffith Club Carlow                   215
  2. Morristown Kildare                    179
  3. Portarlington Laois                     172
  4. Sharkx “B” Kildare                       143
  5. Cloneygowan Offaly                   137
  6. Sharkx “A” Kildare                      131
  7. Ballymany Kildare                       116