Aaron Holland from Joey’s Snooker Club, Dublin took the Stars All Ireland Junior Snooker Championship title in Carlow recently.  This time last year,  Aaron was to lose out to the in form Corey Ramsbottom from the Ivy Rooms, Carlow in the final, but came back this year and took the coveted title in style beating Dylan Keightley also from Carlow 2-0 in the final.

Aaron, Annette & Dylan

Aaron was unstoppable right through the rounds, winning all his matches 2-0 with consistent break building in almost every frame.  Aaron beat Adam Lonergan (Tipperary) in the last 64, Adam O’Shea (Kildare), last 32, Cameron Mullins (Kildare) last 16, Joshua Bates (Laois) quarters, and Keith Murphy (Kildare) semis.  Dylan Keightley was also in great form winning his matches 2-0 through to the final beating along the way, Alan Beale (Kildare) last 32, Luke O’Callaghan (Laois) last 16, Robbie Keogh (Laois) quarters, and Joe La Cumbre (Laois) semis.  Corey Ramsbottom the current champion going into this years event was put to the pin of his collar against Darragh Fullam (Laois) in the last 32 going to a black ball in the 3rd frame and again Corey was under pressure in the last 16 with a final frame decider against Sean O’Connor (Kildare) and making it through to the quarters.  Joe La Cumbre (Laois) put a stop to Corey’s advancement by beating him 2-0 in their quarter final match and caused the upset of the day.  The current Under 14 School Champion Eamon Healy (Tipperary) had a good start moving through to the last 16 with wins over Reece Daly (Laois) and Sam Cunningham (Laois) only to be stopped in his tracks by the in form and Stars Academy Ireland’s most dominant player of the season in the young Joe La Cumbre from (Laois)  The current Under 16 National Schools Champion Keith Murphy, showed more promise reaching the semis of this event.  A lot of good up and coming young players are emerging through the ranks of Stars Academy Ireland, the hub of junior snooker in Ireland since 1981, where the real grass roots of our sport is nurtured and encouraged through the clubs and now our Schools & Colleges.

Stars Group 2015

Congratulations to Aaron on his win and excellent performance throughout and to Dylan on yet again a great performance.

In the plate event, Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny) saw off the ever improving Darragh Fullam (Laois) 2-1 in their final. Congrats to Sean on his great win and to Darragh on a fine performance.

Sean & Darragh

In the young ladies category, for the first time, Jeong Min Park from (Joey’s Dublin), saw off Mollie Comerford (Carlow) in their final to take the ladies junior title.  Congratulations to Jeong on her great win and to Mollie on her fine performance on the day.

Grace & MollieMollie & Grace

Thanks to all the players and parents, mentors and teachers who support this event and indeed many events so far this season.  Thanks to Annette for her help and support as always.  Thanks to Marian and staff of the Ivy Rooms for providing fantastic facilities as usual.



Aaron Holland (Joey’s Dublin)                           2     Adam Lonergan (Colaiste Chluan Meala Tipp)         0

Cameron Mullins (Sharkx Newbridge)              2     Joe Roche (Colaiste Chluan Meala Tipp)                   0

Jason Kelly (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                         2     Josh O’Callaghan (Portarlington S.C. Laois)             0

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington S.C. Laois)         2     Mollie Comerford (Ballinabranna Carlow)               0

Eamon Healy (Colaiste Chluan Meala Tipp)     2     Reece Daly (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                        0

Lee Maloney (Portarlington S.C. Laois)             2     Liam Colleran (Sharkx Newbridge)                            0

Sean O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)                   2     Tom Ryan (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                                   1

Darragh Fullam (Portarlington S.C. Laois)        2     James Holbrook (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                       0

Corey Ramsbottom (Ivy Rooms Carlow)            2     Darragh O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)                    0


Aaron Holland (Joey’s Dublin)                            2     Adam O’Shea (Sharkx Newbridge)                             0

Cameron Mullins (Sharkx Newbridge)              2     Ben Cunningham (Portarlington S.C. Laois)            0

Joshua Bates (Portarlington S.C. Laois)            2     Rhuari O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)                      0

Jason Kelly (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                          2    Russell McDonald (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                     0

Tristan Graham (Cavan CYMS)                            2    Gavin O’Donnell (Portarlington S.C. Laois)              0

Leon Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)                      2    Amanda Walsh (Ballinabranna Carlow)                    0

Keith Murphy (Sharkx Newbridge)                     2    Aaron Hyland (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                   0

Jack Maloney (Portarlington S.C. Laois)            2    Darragh Maher (Joey’s Dublin)                                  0

Dylan Keightley (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                   2    Alan Beale (Sharkx Newbridge)                                 0

Luke O’Callaghan (Portarlington S.C. Laois)     2    Rachel Doran (Ballinabranna Carlow)                     0

Robbie Keogh (Portarlington S.C. Laois)            2    Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)                                         0

Cian Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)                       2    Jeong Min Park (Joey’s Dublin)                                0

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington S.C. Laois)         2     TJ Sweeney (Sharkx Newbridge)                             0

Eamon Healy (Colaiste Chluan Meala Tipp)     2     Sam Cunningham (Portarlington S.C. Laois)        0

Sean O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)                  2     Lee Maloney (Portarlington S.C. Laois)                  1

Corey Ramsbottom (Ivy Rooms Carlow)          2     Darragh Fullam (Portarlington S.C. Laois)             1


Aaron Holland                                                       2     Cameron Mullins                                                         0

Joshua Bates                                                          2     Jason Kelly                                                                    1

Leon Costello                                                         2     Tristan Graham                                                            0

Keith Murphy                                                        2     Jack Maloney                                                                 1

Dylan Keightley                                                     2    Luke O’Callaghan                                                          0

Robbie Keogh                                                        2    Cian Costello                                                                   0

Joe La Cumbre                                                      2    Eamon Healy                                                                  0

Corey Ramsbottom                                              2    Sean O’Connor (Sharkx)                                             1


Aaron Holland                                                     2    Joshua Bates                                                                 0

Keith Murphy                                                      2    Leon Costello                                                                0

Dylan Keightley                                                  2    Robbie Keogh                                                                0

Joe La Cumbre                                                   2    Corey Ramsbottom                                                       0


Aaron Holland                                                   2    Keith Murphy                                                                 0

Dylan Keightley                                                 2    Joe La Cumbre                                                               0


Aaron Holland                                                  2    Dylan Keightley                                                              0


Aaron Holland     21, 22, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 40

Dylan Keightley   20, 28,33, 34, 38

Joe La Cumbre    22, 24, 27, 39

Eamon Healy       20, 35

Corey Ramsbottom  21, 24

Keith Murphy     20, 22, 27