The 2020 National 100 Up Billiards Championship took place at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge.  We are delighted to have had the opportunity to complete a number of events between lockdowns and various restrictions due to Covid-19.

You will see a number of reports following on this website and every precaution was taken during our events in order to have them played in a very safe environment according to the guidelines regarding hand sanitising, equipment sanitising at intervals, social distancing, mask wearing in the club but players were allowed to remove them during play and momentarily for a photo.  We reduced the time played by reducing the number of balls in snooker and limited time for our billiards.  Only players and one official was allowed in the playing area at any time.

Joanna Ward from Kildare won her first National title in Billiards by taking the 100 Up Championship against the current holder and Irish Billiards number 1, Annette Newman in a great display of billiards in the final.

Semi final one saw Annette play great billiards against Stephanie Foley both from Carlow in this timed event knockout.  First to 100 or 45 minutes whichever was first and Annette reached 102 in 38 minutes to go through to the final,  102 to 45

Semi final two saw a close contest between Joanna Ward and Christine Carr with Joanna taking the match 97 – 86 on the alarm putting her into her first National Championship final.

The final itself started with both players keeping in touch for the first 30 minutes however Joanna moved ahead and kept making scores to stay ahead of Annette as the minutes were counting down, Joanna played great billiards to take the win over Annette with 5 minutes remaining with a score of 101 – 76.

After the match, Annette praised Joanna for her performance and was delighted to see her win the title which can only be good for the game and encourage more females into the sport said Annette.  We could see the improvement in her game as she made great progress on the Intermediate tour winning 3 ranking events and making the final of two Amateur Billiards Ranking events in her first season.

Joanna’s win now moves her into Amateur status which is a fantastic achievement for the Kildare woman.

Congratulations to Joanna on her win and to Annette on a fine performance.  Thanks to all the girls for their participation and support.  Thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their help and support as always.