The Joey’s A team made up of Pierce Sloan and Pat Holmes are 16 points ahead of last years winners Griffith A team of Dave Seales and Darragh Hackett as the first half of the Dublin Snooker Federation Leagues ends before Christmas.

Sportslink team of Oisin Mac Fhearai and Paul Harrison are in 3rd spot with only 5 points separating them from the Griffith A team.  There are a few matches outstanding from the first half and we hope to get these played before the second half commences on Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

Still a lot to play for as the teams are close on points and as we have seen from past experience, it’s not over till it’s over as they say.

On the individual ranking, Pierce Sloan of Joey’s A is top on 47 points closely followed by last years Champion Dave Seales of Griffith A with 43 points with Pat Holmes of Joey’s A sharing second place with Dave also on 43 points, next is Paul Harrison of Sportslink on 36 and his stable mate Oisin Mac Fhearai with 33 points next on the list.

Thanks to all the Teams and players for their participation in the Federation Leagues and we wish everyone a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018.  We look forward to the second half of the League followed by the Cup and inter Regional Championship in 2018.

Thanks to Derek Fagan and staff of Joey’s for their help and continued support towards our League and we wish them a great Christmas and look forward to 2018 at Joey’s Snooker Club.


  1. Joey’s A           90
  2. Griffith A          74
  3. Spoerslink        69
  4. Joey’s B            58


  1. Pierce Sloan (Joey’s A)             47
  2. Dave Seales (Griffith A)            43
  3. Pat Holmes (Joey’s A)              43
  4. Paul Harrison (Sportslink)        36
  5. Oisin Mac Fhearai (Sportslink) 33
  6. Sean Reynolds (Joey’s B)          31
  7. Darragh Hackett (Griffith A)     31
  8. Killian Rock (Joey’s B)               27