As Stars Academy Ireland move their National Underage events into Schools, Kildare Town Community School are set to get the ball rolling soon as they host the Under 16 Championship.

Tadgh O’Connor and Bill McEvoy will be managing the event at the School which boasts a full size snooker table supplied by Stars Academy Ireland almost 5 years ago.

Since the table was installed at the School, many students have played the sport, we don’t have the exact figure but were informed that over 200 would have tried out the sport during this period.  If participation is the name of the game, then we are certainly doing something right and positive for the sport as a whole here in Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association are also set to gain from this initiative as a number of girls are interested in taking up the sport.  We welcome such positive news on behalf of female participation in cue sports and support the school in their great efforts to help grow the sport.

We wish all the students who are entered for the U16 Championship a most enjoyable competition and thank you to Tadgh & Bill along with everyone involved a very successful event at the School.