The inaugural Ladies Irish International Snooker Open commenced on Monday 27th July at Joey’s Snooker Club Dublin.  On Sunday 26th July the opening ceremony took place at the Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport.  The night began with meeting and greeting all the players and supporters with refreshments in the Baskin Suite followed with welcome messages from Tina Keogh (RILSA National Secretary), Dan Carroll (RILSA Chairman) and Margaret Browne (RILSA President)

Annette Newman (RILSA Treasurer and current National Champion) made a presentation to Dan Carroll and Derek Fagan for their help and support towards the ladies sport, with prizes from Alison McDonald from Dublin Trophies. Margaret Browne then announced the event officially open and thanked everyone involved.

A fantastic show of World Champions Irish Dancers from the Sandra O’Dea’s Irish School of dancing followed and there after music from Martin our DJ.  We would like to thank the Clayton Hotel for all their help and thanks to Sandra O’Deas young Irish dancers and Caroline who put on a fantastic show.  Thanks to Martin the DJ who kept everyone in good spirits with a great selection of music.

On Monday morning the event got started with play within the group stages, that would eventually decide who would qualify into the three events, Main, Intermediate and 6 Red.

Competition was fierce as the players got down to business.  Monday and Tuesday 27th/28th July saw all the group matches completed with groups A,B, & C deciding the players qualification, however group D saw 3 players tied on points and after a draw, Sharon Kaur from England got the bye while Ann McMahon and Cathy Dunne had to fight it out in a best of 3 frames to see who would meet Sharon to play a 1 frame decider in order to see who would take 1 and 2 places in the group.  Ann and Cathy had two close frames but Ann was to come through and make the Main event Quarter Finals, while Cathy was now qualified into the Intermediate event.

Quarters of Main Event 2015


The Quarter final line up and seeded players as follows with the results.

Maria Catalano (England)  3    Sandra Bryan (Ireland)  0

Ann McMahon (Ireland)  3      Annette Newman (Ireland)  1

Sharon Kaur (England)   0       Yana Shut (Belarus)  3

Margaret Browne (Ireland)  0 Emma Bonney (England)  3

Semis Main 2


Maria Catalano (England)    3  Ann McMahon (Ireland)  1

Emma Bonney (England)     3  Yana Shut (Belarus)   0

All matches are the best of 5 frames.



Maria Catalano (England)  1   Emma Bonney (England)  4

Final best of 7 frames

All the players played exceptional snooker throughout and none more so than in the final between Emma and Maria, the standard was fantastic and congratulations to Emma on her win and to Maria congrats on a fine performance. Thanks to Joe Lyons for refereeing the final and to Annette for marking.

Congratulations to Maria Catalano on taking the High break prize with a fantastic 67 break



The Quarter final line up and seeded players as follows with the results.

Quarters of Intermediate Event 2015


Jeong Min Park (South Korea) 3  Rachel Doran (Ireland) 1

Amanda Walsh (Ireland) 0            Cathy Dunne (Ireland)  3

Emirjeta Doda (Ireland)  3            Englentina Doda (Ireland) 2

Laura Alves (Brazil)  3                    Christine Carr (Ireland)  0

Semis Intermediate


Cathy Dunne (Ireland)  3              Jeong Min Park (South Korea)   0

Laura Alves (Brazil)     3                Emirjeta Doda (Ireland)     2


Cathy Dunne (Ireland)  3             Laura Alves (Brazil)   1

All matches are the best of 5 frames.

Intermediate FinalIMG_0165IMG_0163

Congratulations to Cathy on her fine win and congrats to Laura on a fine performance throughout the events and well done to the remaining players who qualified to this stage in the Open.

Thanks to Ronan Deegan who refereed the final and to Aaron Holland and Robbie Keogh for marking.

Semis 6 red

In the semis Valerie Maloney from the Portarlington Club beat Toni Mockler from Dublin 2-0 in their match, on the other table, Tina Keogh also from the Portarlington Club beat Bernie Haughney from Carlow also 2-0 to meet her friend and club member Valerie in the final.

6 Red FinalIMG_0128IMG_0132Final 6 Red

In the final both players upped their game and played great snooker but Valerie had the upper hand on the day and took the title beating Tina 3 nil.

Congratulations Valerie on her win and to Tina on a fine performance.

Thanks to Dave Seales for refereeing the final.


Maria Catalano 67,55, 57,41,44, 49, 36,34,33,31 28, 25, 25, 26, 21, 21, 20
Annette Newman 27,24,22 21, 20
Cathy Dunne 28,21,20
Yana Shut 22, 26
Emma Bonney 65,45,35,35,35 33, 34, 31,31,30
Ann McMahon 25,20

A big thank you to all our other referees who helped throughout the group stages, Robert Rogers, Gary Seales and Leon Costello.  Thanks to Declan Tuohy for all his help in driving players to and from the Hotel and Airport.

Thank you to Sharon Kaur and all at the WLBSA for the support and we look forward to a bright and prosperous future working together for Ladies snooker.

Thank you to the RILSA Committee and team who have been just fantastic in their support and help all season and in preparing for this event.  Margaret Browne (President) Tina Keogh (Secretary) Annette Newman (Treasurer) Ronan Deegan (Vice Chairman) Colette Murphy (Asst Treasurer) Valerie Maloney (Committee Member) Veronica Harvey (committee Member) Sandra Bryan (National Primary School Liaison Officer) Leona O’Connor (National Secondary School & College Liaison Officer)  Aileen O’Brien (National Special Needs Liaison Officer) Clara Traynor (Design) Theo Goyvaerts (Website Manager) and Aidan Murray our Billiards Coach.

Thanks to all our sponsors and thanks to everyone who supported and helped throughout the past year in bag packing, selling and buying tickets and holding fundraisers to make this International Event such a fantastic success. Thanks to those people who donated towards our events, so very much appreciated.

A big thank you to Mick Fitzgerald who organised and gave advice on social media, so much appreciated by all of us.

We were absolutely delighted and privileged to have Cllr Deirdre Heney represent the Lord Mayor of Dublin to officiate at the presentation of prizes.  Deirdre is very much in support of women’s sport and was only too delighted to be associated.

On behalf of RILSA players, officials and supporters, I thank Deirdre so very much for her time and support.

This event would not have been possible without the help, support and kindness of Derek Fagan and indeed the staff, Derek, Gavin, and Eric of Joeys Snooker Club, we salute you one and all.   We are looking forward to next years event already!


Cllr Deirdre Heney representing Dublin Lord MayorDan & DeirdreDan Deirdre and DerekDeco & DeirdreDeirdre and the GirlsIMG_0108IMG_0110IMG_0113IMG_0137IMG_0124IMG_0141IMG_0143IMG_0145IMG_0148IMG_0155IMG_0158

IMG_0169IMG_0171IMG_0189IMG_0192IMG_0195Joe Deirdre & DerekLarry & DeirdreThank you DeirdreWatching the final