Day 2 at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds saw the remaining group matches finish to get down to the last 16 of the World Ladies Snooker Championships.

In group B  Annette Newman started well in frame 1 against former World Champion Ng On Yee from China, Annette went ahead by 24 points down to the green to make Ng On Yee needing all remaing colours to win and this she did with excellent potting and positional play to clear to force a black ball win.  In frame 2 Ng On Yee had a fantastic 83 break to go 2 nil up against Annette, however Annette again started well and put pressure on Ng On Yee but the experience of the Chinese player stood to her to dig in and make a good 43 break to clinch the frame and match.  A fantastic performance from Ng On Yee and a great effort from Annette to give her a good match, well done to Annette.

Annette 2015

Annette’s match with Yana Shut from Belarus was yet another hard fought effort against this young player bringing the first frame to a black ball which Yana potted and again in the second frame forced a pink ball finish, but Yana potted a great pink and black to go 2 up.  The 3rd frame was close on the colours again, when Yana was behind she had to really concentrate and cleared to the pink for game.  Congrats to Yana and a fine performance from Annette.

photo (53) photo (50)

Group H saw Sandra Bryan play her last remaining match against Emma Bonney in which Sandra really put it up to this very seasoned player on the World circuit.  Frame 1 was close going to the colours which Emma had to clip away at to win on the Blue.  Frame 2 started well for Sandra going into a lead, however Emma played exceptional snooker to again win on the colours.  The same again in frame 3, too close for comfort for Emma but the experience showed again to win on the blue.  Congrats to Emma on her win and to Sandra on playing great snooker on the (48)

Our girls did us proud here in Leeds, giving great performances against the top players in the World, they all held their own and made sure that nobody could take any of them for granted on the table and they earned great respect from all the players.

Tomorrow will see the last 16 take place along with the World Seniors and Plate events.  We wish our ladies the very best of luck and also wish everyone playing here in Leeds great success and continued fun in a fantastic relaxed atmosphere.