The 4th Battle of Clontarf Tournament was held in Joey’s Dublin recently and on day two of the event, the Plate Competition got under way along with the final of the main event.

The Plate competition was and as always a fiercely competitive event each year as the players got down to business on the green baize at Joey’s.

The top half of the draw saw Leon Costello (Kildare) have a close encounter with Michelle O’Boyle (Kildare) just edging through on the colours in the final frame in the last 16, Leon also had a close match against Jack Maloney (Offaly) again on the colours in frame 3 in their quarter-final match to reach the semis.  Leon was determined to reach the final as he was up against the onslaught of good potting from Niall Pollitt (Dublin) but Leon held his nerve and potted the balls necessary for a 2-1 win and reach the final

Aidan Pollitt (Dublin) had similar results in his matches against Sean Reynolds (Dublin) quarters winning 2-1 and again played well to hold off Lee Maloney (Offaly) on a black ball finish in frame 3 to get through to meet Leon in the final.

The final started well for Leon taking the first but Aidan came back strong in the 2nd frame to level the match.  It all came down to the 3rd and final frame, like many before, but it was Leon who cleared the colours to the pink to take the frame and title at Joey’s

Congratulations to Leon on his win and to Aidan for a fine performance, thanks to all the players for their great support and participation.  Thanks to Derek Fagan and staff of Joey’s for their continued support towards this worthwhile charity in providing excellent facilities.  Thanks to Annette for refereeing the final.

Thank you to Dennis McIntyre of Clontarf Tourism for all his help and support and we look forward to better and bigger events in the future as funding will be available in 2018.


Niall Pollitt                   2      Valerie Maloney        0

Leon Costello               2     Jack Maloney             1

Lee Maloney                2     Declan Tuohy             0

Aidan Pollitt                 2     Sean Reynolds           1


Leon Costello              2      Niall Pollitt                1

Aidan Pollitt                2      Lee Maloney             1


Leon Costello             2      Aidan Pollitt              1