The second RILSA Intermediate Snooker Ranking 2 event was won by Megan Randle at the new RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge, with a win over twin sister Carrie in the final.

Again we fully complied with the current guidelines and made sure everyone was safe adhered to protocol in hand washing, equipment cleaning and social distancing along with mask wearing when not playing.

In the semi final stage Carrie Randle had to keep ahead of Tina Keogh in the frame needed as the score was close down to the blue with Carrie potting the pink for frame needed to go into the final, on the other table likewise Megan Randle had to play well to take the win over Valerie Maloney to meet twin sister Carrie in the final.

The final itself again went down to the wire with both players neck and neck to the colours but Megan finished strong on the colours to take the win and title of Intermediate Ranking 2.

Congratulations to Megan on her win and well done to Carrie on a fine performance.  As always we thank all the girls for their support.  Thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for their help and support.