Keith Murphy from Sharkx Newbridge the current National U/16 Schools Champion won his first Stars event at Joey’s in Dublin beating the current U/14 Stars Champion Joe La Cumbre from Portarlington S.C. 2 nil in their final.  The final was a very close match with Keith winning the first frame on a re spot black and again in the second it was down to a black ball with Joe having a few chances at potting it but left it close to the top right pocket for Keith to pot and give him the title of Stars Academy Ireland National U/15 Champion 2015.  This brings Keith up to 4th in the rankings and secures the number 1 spot for Joe.  Congratulations to Keith on his win and to Joe on a fine performance.  Also making headway in the Stars Academy was Jack Moran from Kildare Town Community School reaching his first semi final and moved up into 9th in the rankings.  Tristan Graham from Cavan CYMS also got to the semis and this moved him into 3rd spot, a great achievement for Tristan and indeed for all these young players of the future.

Stars 14 &15  2015

In the Plate competition,  Cameron Mullins from Sharkx Newbridge overcame newcomer Ben Cunningham from Portarlington S.C. 2 nil in the final.  A great result for Cameron, putting him number 1 on the Intermediate rankings and it brought Ben Cunningham into 5th place,  a good start for Ben and fantastic encouragement for all our players and newcomers alike.  Congratulations to Cameron on his win and to Ben on a great performance.  Again thanks to all the parents and mentors who gave of their time and support towards Stars Academy Ireland events and thanks also to Annette and Larry for their help on the day.  Thank you to Derek Fagan of Joey’s for his fantastic support and help and as always providing excellent facilities on the day.  Thanks to all the players who took part and we hope to see them all once again on Saturday 28th March back in Joey’s for the U/16 & U/17 Stars.

Ben & Cameron Stars plate final 2015


Ben Cunningham (Portarlington S.C.)                  2     Ruaire O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)            1

Dylan O’Connell (Joey’s Dublin)                            2     Darragh Maher (Joey’s Dublin)                        0

Sean O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)                      2     Cody Graham (Cavan CYMS)                           0

Joshua Bates (Portarlington S.C.)                          2     Cameron Mullins (Sharkx Newbridge)           1

Jack Moran (Kildare Community School)            2     Emirjeta Doda (CBS Westland Row)              1


Tristan Graham (Cavan CYMS)                              2     Darragh O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)         0

TJ Sweeney (Sharkx Newbridge)                           2     Ben Cunningham (Portarlington S.C.)            0

Dylan O’Connell (Joey’s Dublin)                            2     Adam O’Shea (Sharkx Newbridge)                  0

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington S.C.)                      2     Sean O’Connor (Sharkx Newbridge)               0

Keith Murphy (Sharkx Newbridge)                       2     Jack Maloney (Portarlington S.C.)                   0

Joshua Bates (Portarlington S.C.)                         2     Cian Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)                   0

Gavin O’Donnell (Portarlington S.C.)                   2     John Holland (Joey’s Dublin)                           0

Jack Moran (Kildare Community School)           2     Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)                                 0


Tristan Graham                                                        2     TJ Sweeney                                                            1

Joe La Cumbre                                                          2    Dylan O’Connell                                                    0

Keith Murphy                                                            2    Joshua Bates                                                          0

Jack Moran                                                                2    Gavin O’Donnell                                                   0


Joe La Cumbre                                                         2     Tristan Graham                                                    0

Keith Murphy                                                           2     Jack Moran                                                            0


Keith Murphy                                                           2     Joe La Cumbre                                                      0


Dylan O’Connell         20,  23

Keith Murphy             20,  21, 27

Joe La Cumbre           21, 28