Neicy Kavanagh from St Laserians Carlow won the RILSA National Special Needs Snooker Championship at the RILSA academy at Sharkx Newbridge recently.  Neicy last years runner up went one further this time round to take the title in style.  Shannon Wilson also from St Laserians Carlow was runner up in the event.

The event had 32 entries and everyone of the players really enjoyed their time at Sharkx with access to pool and table tennis for those knocked out at the various stages.  Liz Lawler from St Laserians in Carlow and Lucinda Monaghan from St Marks in Newbridge were the semi finalists on the day.

All the remaining players received a National RILSA medal for taking part.

Congratulations to Neicy on her win and to Shannon on her fine performance and thanks to all the girls for playing and making the event such a fantastic success.  Thanks to all the principals, teachers and mentors from all the schools for their support and thanks to Bernie and Paul of Sharkx for their usual fantastic hospitality towards our events.  Thanks to Aidan Murray who was on hand to referee the final and is a familiar face at St Marks each week coaching the students.


Christine Carr           1    Aideen Cullen          0

Mary Doran              1    Edel Hannon           0

Shannon Wilson       1    Naomi Moore          0

Selina Ennis             1    Orla Byrne               0

Niamh Barrett           1   Candy Coughwell     0

Mariel Sue               1    Dorothy Wilson        0

Liz Lawler                1    Katelyn O’Reilly       0

Sarah Furlong         1    Amy Byrne              0

Lucinda Monaghan 1    Celine Chelairu      0

Marian McKeon      1    Joanna Lee            0

Lauren O’Toole      1     Orla Duffy              0

Natasha Walker     1    Leah Mangan         0

Jodie Moore          1    Shannon Kelly        0

Grace Brennan     1    Genessa Mc Gongle 0

Naomi Mitchell      1    Alex Murane           0

Neicy Kavanagh    1    Christabel M          0


Christine Carr      1    Mary Doran          0

Shannon Wilson  1    Selina Ennis          0

Niamh Barrett      1    Mariel Sue            0

Liz Lawler            1    Sarah Furlong      0

Lucinda Monaghan 1   Marian McKeon  0

Natasha Walker     1    Lauren O’Toole  0

Jodie Moore          1    Grace Brennan  0

Neicy Kavanagh    1    Naomi Mitchell  0


Shannon Wilson   1    Christine Carr    0

Liz Lawler            1    Niamh Barrett    0

Lucinda Monaghan 1  Natasha Walker 0

Neicy Kavanagh   1    Jodie Moore


Shannon Wilson   1   Liz Lawler        0

Neicy Kavanagh   1   Lucinda Monaghan 0


Neicy Kavanagh     1    Shannon Wilson   0