The PEXPO Schools & Colleges event at Trinity Comprehensive College Ballymun in Dublin was a great success once again for the organisers and for RILSA who were invited to attend for the second year, also the Billiard Co were invited as part of the cue sports promotions with both RILSA & the Billiard Co linked in on the day in support of each other.


This year’s event saw an increase in numbers attending, which is fantastic news for this relatively newly initiative to get children interested in sport and exercise.  Trinity Comprehensive College is the first College in Ireland to introduce GCSE’s curriculum for sport and this is now in a number of Colleges around Ireland.

Schools & Colleges from all over Ireland took part with various submissions on every sport.  The judging team had their work cut out as the standard of exhibit submissions on a range of areas within sport was displayed for their inspection.  Over 400 students were present on the day and we at RILSA want to thank Paddy O’Reilly and Nicky for their invitation and support towards women’s cue sports.

Thanks to Darren & John of the Billiard Co in Dublin for their support as they have been involved for a number of years with us in RILSA, helping us develop women’s cue sports in Ireland and supporting our School & College initiatives from the start, much appreciated by us.

Our National Billiard Champion and current number 1 in both Snooker & Billiards Annette Newman was on hand to give advise and encourage young girls to try out the sport.  Emirjeta Doda was our main point of contact on the floor encouraging more young girls to join RILSA and play cue sports.

We visited many of the exhibit stands during the day and Annette tried out CPR at the Irish Heart Foundation Stand, a knowledge of this procedure is a must for everyone.  It’s great to see young people get involved and encouraged to participate and learn.  Larry O’Dea was also in support on the day and we thank Larry for all his help over many years with RILSA.

Emirjeta was fantastic as she enlisted 10 new schools and 41 new members to our growing association.  A big thank you to Emirjeta for all her work on the day, very much appreciated by us at RILSA.  Also a big thank you to Annette for promoting RILSA and encouraging young girls to play snooker.  We are looking forward to seeing these new members enter competition with RILSA in the season ahead and we welcome them and wish them every success for the future.