The Portarlington A team made up of Robbie Keogh and Joe La Cumbre took the Stars Academy Ireland team Championship at Joey’s Snooker Club Dublin recently beating Sharkx A from Newbridge, made up of Keith Murphy and Sean O’Connor by 7 frames to 5.

Stars Academy Ireland Junior Team Championship 2015

The preliminary round match between Skarkx B and Portarlington B went all the way to the last frame and black ball finish, so very close indeed, however Sharkx B team of TJ Sweeney and Cian Costello held firm against Portarlington B of Joshua Bates and Jack Maloney in the final frame decider between TJ and Joshua, with TJ Potting black for frame and match to meet their counterparts Sharkx A of Keith Murphy and Sean O’Connor in the semis.

In the semi final between Carlow and Portarlington A the match was close to start with and after the first bout of frames it was 5-3 for Portarlington A, Jason Kelly took another frame for Carlow to close the gap against Robbie Keogh but Joe La Cumbre was in fine form against Carlow’s Sean O’Connor to win both their final frames to win out 7-5.

Sharkx A & Portarlington A teams

Sharkx A and Sharkx B teams fought it out in the other semi final and the Sharkx A team went 4-0 ahead after the first round of matches however the next set of frames were shared and put Sharkx into a 6-2 lead with them only requiring one frame to put them into the final.  Keith Murphy was in great form and took the frame needed from TJ Sweeney to see the Sharkx A team into a final meeting with Portarlington A.

The day’s competition was a great success and everyone really enjoyed their snooker, congratulations to the Portarlington A team, Robbie and Joe on their great win and to Sharkx A team, Keith and Sean on a fine performance.  Thanks to everyone who helped and supported the day and a big thank you to Derek Fagan and staff of Joey’s for their support and help throughout Stars Academy Irelands events all season.