The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association had a coaching day at Joey’s Snooker Club, Dublin recently and the RILSA Head Coach Dan Carroll put the players through their routines and concentrated mainly in the area of practical psychology routines during the day.  There is a significant improvement in all of our players over the past 5 months and they are well on their way to completing their first set of practice routines.

Joeys Snooker Club 10RILSA Coaching in Joeys 2015

Dan has devised practice routines to help with all the areas involved, potting, tactical, positional play, safety, using the rest and routines to help with focusing and technique is very important and at each coaching session, all the players are assessed in this area and follow up and regular contact with all the players is key to their improvement over time.  Thanks to all those in attendance and thanks to Derek Fagan for providing his excellent facilities on the day.  Thanks to Derek Walsh for his help and making sure all were fed and watered during our coaching day.