The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held their 5th National Special Needs Championship at their Academy in Sharkx Newbridge recently.

A good entry from St Marks and St Laserians saw a great days competition with a fantastic atmosphere among all the players at Sharkx.  Everyone involved really enjoyed the day and witnessed cue sports participation at a whole new and positive development that is ongoing within RILSA.

Rachel Bradley took the title in style making it 3 wins in 5 having been runner-up to Neicy Kavanagh from Carlow two years ago.  Lucinda Monaghan was the runner-up on the day making it an all St Marks final.

On her way to the final, Rachel had good convincing wins over Natasha Walker (St Laserians) in the last 16, Selina Ennis (St Marks) in the Quarters and Katelyn O’Reilly (St Marks) in the semis while at the other end of the draw we saw Lucinda equally make it through to the final with wins over Chantelle Meaney (St Laserians) in the last 16, Celine Chelairu (St Marks) in the Quarters and Caroline O’Connor (St Laserians) in the semis to meet Rachel in the final.

The final saw Rachel storm off into an early lead however Lucinda tried her best to get back into the match but Rachel proved too strong and took the frame needed for the title.

Congratulations to Rachel on her win and to Lucinda on her fine performance.  Well done to all the players for their participation and a special thanks to Aileen, Pauline, and Angela along with all the teachers from both schools for their help and support.  Thanks to Annette who as always helps and supports these events and to Bernie and Paul of Sharkx for their continued support towards female cue sports here in Ireland.


Natasha Walker              1     Edel Hannon       0

Kasia Ciecko                   1     Alex Murane       0

Selina Ennis                    1     Leah Shortt         0

Candy Coughwell           1     Joanna Lee          0

Katelyn O’Reilly               1    Chloe Hutton       0

Natasha Gibson              1    Mariel Sue            0

Aoife Williams                1     Orla Duffy             0

Celine Chelairu               1     Kayleigh O’Leary   0

Marion McKeon              1    Isobel Walsh         0

Chantelle Meaney           1    Ava Lynam            0

Lucy Corcoran                 1    Nadine Murphy   0

Emily Choesiul                 1    Cleva Cunningham 0

Zoe Smith                        1    Eva Doran              0


Rachel Bradley                1    Natasha Walker      0

Selina Ennis                    1    Kasia Ciecko            0

Candy Coughwell           1    Natasha Gibson      0

Katelyn O’Reilly              1    Aoife Williams         0

Celine Chelairu               1    Marion McKeon     0

Lucinda Monaghan        1    Chantelle Meaney  0

Lucy Corcoran                1    Emily Choesiul       0

Caroline O’ Connor        1    Zoe Smith              0


Rachel Bradley              1     Selina Ennis           0

Katelyn O’Reilly             1    Candy Coughwell  0

Lucinda Monaghan       1    Celine Chelairu      0

Caroline O’Connor        1    Lucy Corcoran       0


Rachel Bradley              1    Katelyn O’Reilly     0

Lucinda Monaghan       1    Caroline O’Connor 0


Rachel Bradley              1    Lucinda Monaghan  0