Rachel Bradley from St Marks Newbridge took her second National Special Needs Championship title at Sharkx in style against last years runner up, Shannon Wilson from St Laserians in Carlow.

With an entry of 34 players, it was again a fantastic success for RILSA and the Special Needs area in their ongoing promotions.

Rachel played solid throughout the event as she raced to the final without dropping a frame over Aoimheann Kearney in the last 32, Aoife Williams, last 16, Katelyn O’Reilly in the Quarters and Jodie Moore in the semis.  Likewise Shannon was in great form with good wins over, Candice Craguewell last 32, Edel Hannon, last 16, Zoe Smith in the Quarters and Grace Brennan in the semis to meet Rachel in the final.

Rachel was in top form in the final as she set about some great potting but not without a good fight from Shannon, however Rachel was the stronger on the day and took the match 2-0 to win her second National title.

Congratulations to Rachel on her great win and to Shannon on a fine performance.

Thanks to all the teachers from St Marks and St Laserians for their help and support as always.  Thanks to Bernie & Paul of Sharkx for providing excellent facilities and thanks to Annette for all her help throughout the event and refereeing the final.

A huge thanks to all the girls who participated and really enjoyed themselves, we in RILSA are very proud of all the girls and we are looking forward to visiting the schools during 2018 and seeing some of the girls out playing on the National RILSA Tour soon.



Candice Craguewell              2           Marion McKeon           0

Chistabel Madojemu            2           Celine Byrne                 0


Shannon Wilson                   2          Candice Craguewell       0

Edel Hannon                        2          Lucy Corcoran                0

Zoe Smith                            2          Rachel Keogh                 0

Teresa Fortune                     2         Shannon Kelly                 0

Chloe Hutton                       2         Danielle Burke                0

Joanna Lee                           2         Selina Ennis                    0

Grace Brennan                     2         Holly Hayes                    0

Leah Shortt                          2         Naomi Moore                0

Natasha Walker                   2         Mariel S Montez             0

Lucinda Monaghan             2         Natasha Gibson              0

Orla Byrne                           2         Niamh Barratt                 0

Jodie Moore                        2        Celine Chelariu                0

Katelyn O’Reilly                   2        Caroline O’Connor          0

Shannon Jones                    2        Orla Duffy                       0

Aoife Williams                     2        Ava Lynam                      0

Rachel Bradley                     2        Aoimheann Kearney       0


Shannon Wilson                  2        Edel Hannon                   0

Zoe Smith                            2        Teresa Fortune                0

Joanna Lee                           2       Chloe Hutton                  0

Grace Brennan                     2        Leah Shortt                    0

Natasha Walker                    2       Lucinda Monaghan        0

Jodie Moore                         2       Orla Byrne                      0

Katelyn O’Reilly                    2       Shannon Jones               0

Rachel Bradley                     2       Aoife Williams                 0


Shannon Wilson                  2        Zoe Smith                     0

Grace Brennan                     2       Joanna Lee                    0

Jodie Moore                        2       Natasha Walker             0

Rachel Bradley                    2       Katelyn O’Reilly              0


Shannon Wilson                 2       Grace Brennan                0

Rachel Bradley                    2      Jodie Moore                    0


Rachel Bradley                    2       Shannon Wilson            0