Rachel Bradley from St Marks Newbridge wins the RILSA Intermediate Ranking event at Sharkx Newbridge recently beating the Current number 1 on the National Intermediate Rankings, Christine Carr, from Sharkx Newbridge, in a black ball finish.

Rachel now goes into number 1 on the provisional rankings closely followed by Christine in 2nd place.

On her way to the final Rachel had close matches all the way, against newcomer Suzanne Randle from Kilkenny in the last 16 with a 2-0 result, 2-1 against Tina Keogh from Laois on a black ball finish in the Quarters, again a pink ball decider in the 3rd frame against Emirjeta Doda from Dublin in the semis.

Christine Carr had good wins over newcomer Carrie Randle from Kilkenny with a 2-0 result in the Quarters and again a 2-0 result over Valerie Maloney from Offaly in the semis to meet Rachel in an all Kildare final.

The final was a tense affair with both players playing good safety and keeping within each others reach all the way through the match with black ball wins for both in frames 1 & 2 and again it came down to a black ball finish which Rachel potted for frame and match to give her the Intermediate Ranking win and placing her in a great position on the new season’s rankings.

We are delighted to see the Randle family, Suzanne, Megan & Carrie taking up the sport of snooker and they all did really well at their first outing at these RILSA events over the Championship weekend, we hope to see them on the new RILSA Tour ahead and wish them every success as we do all our players during the season.

Congratulations to Rachel on her win and also to Christine on a great performance.  Thanks to all the players for their participation and making the event such a great success.

Thanks to Paul, Bernie and staff of Sharkx for all their help and support and to Deco for refereeing the final & Robbie & Jack for providing roving refereeing throughout the event.


Rachel Bradley (Kildare)           2      Tina Keogh (Laois)           1

Emirjeta Doda (Dublin)             2      Megan Randle (Kilkenny) 0

Christine Carr (Kildare)             2      Carrie Randle (Kilkenny) 0

Valerie Maloney (Offaly)            2      Grace Byrne (Carlow)      0


Rachel Bradley                              2      Emirjeta Doda                   1

Christine Carr                               2      Valerie Maloney                0


Rachel Bradley                            2      Christine Carr                     1


True Ranking in brackets

  1. Rachel Bradley (Kildare) – (9)
  2. Christine Carr (Kildare) – (1)
  3. Emirjeta Doda (Dublin) – (5)
  4. Valerie Maloney (Offaly) – (2)
  5. Grace Byrne (Carlow) – (6)
  6. Carrie Randle (Kilkenny) – New
  7. Megan Randle (Kilkenny) – New
  8. Tina Keogh (Laois) – (3)
  9. Suzanne Randle (Kilkenny) – New
  10. Lauren Carley (Carlow) – (7)
  11. Roisin Beale (Kildare) – (19)
  12. Tara Byrne (Carlow) – (58)
  13. Susan Hanlon (Dublin) – (4)
  14. Neicy Kavanagh (Carlow) – (10)
  15. Keara Minion (Carlow) – (13)
  16. Lucinda Monaghan (Kildare) – (16)