The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association are delighted for the Randle family from Kilkenny with their support and participation in RILSA and the Irish Pool Association.  We support all our female players in pool, billiards and snooker as its so important to encourage more females into the sport.

STANDING just five foot tall, twins Carrie and Megan Randle are BAIZing a trail in Irish cue sports.

The pint-sized potters from Kilkenny are pool pros pocketing national awards with ease.

Twins Carrie and Megan are chalking up success

And they’re not the only snooker sensations in their family.

Sister Danielle and mum Suzanne are also at the top of their game, crediting gran Trina O’Gorman and dad Henry with passing down their skills at sinking cue balls.

The family are so good they regularly come head to head across the table in national competitions. And while they are competitive during games, they’re supportive at home.

Carrie, 19, explained: “It’s something that we do all together. When we play at home we do it for fun. But we always help each other out, point out the better shot to take and things like that.”

But she added: “Of course there is a bit of competitiveness between us because winner stays on, so the more you win the more you stay on the table. There is always a bit of slagging that goes on as well, but it’s always craic between us.”

Megan and Carrie pictured with mum Suzanne

However, it’s a different story when they meet up at competitions.

Carrie explained: “At home it’s all fun but when we meet each other at competitions, like we do a lot, it is taken so seriously. We pull each other up on absolutely everything.

“But in saying that, we are very supportive too. The last few competitions I’ve been meeting my mother a lot. I’ve beaten her, but she’ll go on and support me in my next round. Even if I beat her five nil she’d still support me.”

And she added: “There are no grudges. Last year Megan needed three frames to get on the Irish team and she met my older sister Danielle, who is better than all of us.

The twins say that while they are competitive the family hold no grudges

“All Megan needed to do was to get three frames off Danielle but she beat her five nil in the space of five minutes, and said, ‘you’re either good enough or you’re not’.

“Megan was upset, but at the end of the day she was glad it happened as she went on and won the Irish trials to secure her spot on the team.”

Despite often going head to head across the baize, Carrie credits the sport with strengthening their bond saying: “What I love most about it is that it’s something that has bonded us all together. Without a doubt that’s my favourite thing.”

But she also loves the way she, and twin Megan smash expectations.

Older sister Danielle, 23, is an Irish champion snooker player

She said: “I love the way, me and Megan, we’re five foot nothing and we’re coming up to the table against men and we’re underestimated a lot. We love to beat people’s expectations of us.”

It all started a few years ago when dad Henry bought the family a 3/4 snooker table.

Carrie said: “Even though Megan and I preferred a hurl in our hands instead of a cue growing up, the love of playing pool was a gene that ran in our family on both sides.

“Our Nanny, Trina O’Gorman, would give any man a run for his money down in the local, Kings.

Mum Suzanne also competes alongside her daughters

“My mother, Megan and I nervously agreed to play when offered. It was there and then when we found our vibrant admiration for the game.”

Older sis Danielle, 23, is racking up titles and awards. In her first year playing, at 19 she attained the number one Irish lady title in 8 ball Pool.

This was followed by multiple Irish ranking wins, a scholarship and ‘All Stars’ award in DIT, Northern Ireland Champion, RILSA Irish Lady Snooker Champion in 2016, Home Nations Semi Finalist, European Team Semi Finalist and many others.

Carrie is an All-Ireland National single and team semi-finalist in pool, Northern Ireland ranking semi-finalist, RILSA Intermediate ranking winner in snooker and Lady IPA finalist and is currently second in the Ladies Irish rankings (season 2016-2019) and third in the provisional rankings (2018/2019).

Megan is the youngest ever, 2018 Irish Intermediate ladies snooker champion, Ladies snooker Intermediate ranking winner, All Ireland pool team semi-finalist, and at 5th position in the Irish Ladies provisional rankings (2018/2019).

Suzanne, 44, is currently the captain of the Irish Ladies pool B team, All Ireland team semi-finalist, European team semi-finalist, RILSA Intermediate snooker national and ranking finalist, holds the position of 10th in the provisional rankings (2018/2019).

On the RILSA Provisional National Amateur Ranking, mum Suzanne is in 12th place with Megan holding 14th spot with Carrie is in 23rd while on the RILSA National Intermediate Ranking all three are in the top 8 provisionally, Megan in 4th, Carrie in 7th and Suzanne in 8th,  Its a great achievement for all 3 family members.

We in RILSA wish them every success in cue sports and always look forward to seeing them on the RILSA tour.