Ireland’s first ever National Ladies Snooker & Billiards Academy was formally launched at Sharkx Newbridge on Tuesday 28th June 2016.

The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association are extremely proud and delighted with their progress within the past two years since it’s reformation.

The evening began with an exhibition of Billiards from Aidan Murray and Larry Drennan who showed fantastic skill and those in attendance were amazed at the shots these great players made

during the evening.

Fergal O’Brien then took to the table also showing fantastic skill and having great fun along the way, everyone took part and really enjoyed the evening.

The icing on the cake as we celebrate 30 years of RILSA was this launch in Newbridge.   Our success is all down to the people who give of their time and energy, all voluntary and with donations of both fold up and full size tables on a regular basis, has increased the interest among the educational centres all over Ireland.

RILSA now have 400 lady members, 300 Schools & Colleges including in this are 10 Special Needs Schools and this area will continue to grow in the years ahead.  107 Youth Reach Centres and 40 snooker clubs on board as members and supporters of RILSA.

To date 115 tables are in situ across Ireland in both Schools and Youth reach centres with more on the way during the year, we anticipate that we will have 140 tables in by Christmas 2016.

This is where the next stage of our 10 year plan commences with information and training courses to help all our schools etc with the basic requirements to enable them to pass on the necessary skills and guidelines to get students started in the sport and to enjoy snooker and billiards.  Our plan is 3 years ahead of it’s intended targets and we are just amazed at the response, we will continue to reassess our plan and further develop our programme as we continue to grow and keep in line with progress.

Our sister Associations in Leinster, Connaught, Munster, Ulster and Dublin will play a huge part in this area in the years ahead as we progress in our promotions for women and girls all over Ireland.

On behalf of RILSA I want to thank the following people for all their hard work and determination in helping and supporting us over many years and in particularly in the last 5 to 7 years since we set out on this journey to build a secure future for women’s and girls snooker here in Ireland.


The committee

President Margaret Browne, Secretary Tina Keogh, Treasurer Annette Newman, Asst Chairman Ronan Deegan, Asst Treasurer Valery Maloney, School & College Officers, Aileen O’Brien, Sandra Bryan and Leona O’Connor, committee members Gerard Colleran, Lauren Carley,

Thanks to our table fitter Shane Patrassi and our sponsor Declan Tuohy

A huge thanks to Paul and Bernie Traynor and staff of Sharkx Newbridge for their belief and vision in our initiatives for the future.

Thanks to Aidan Murray for all his fantastic help with the Billiards and to Larry Drennan for his support.

Thanks to Cathy Dunne for all her background work for RILSA and obtaining a set of professional balls for the academy.

Thanks to Joe and Ann McMahon for their help and support and the many teachers, parents, mentors who are constantly involved and so supportive in our endeavours.

Thanks to our referees panel of Joe Lyons, Larry O’Dea, Paddy Fagan, Dave Seales, Leon Costello, Gary Seales, Robert Rogers, Ronan Deegan and our new coaching panel of Annette Newman, Sandra Bryan, Murt Rossiter, Alan Bailey who will continue their help and support in RILSA.

Thanks to Fergal O’Brien for the support and in taking time out to launch this important academy and in doing so becoming part of snooker history.  We were delighted to see Jean at the launch and we wish both Fergal and Jean every success to them and their family.

Many new milestones have been reached and records broken within the past two years as we move forward into the future and the history of ladies snooker has opened a new chapter with fantastic enthusiasm and excitement