The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have listed 10 new official women’s snooker academies in Ireland.  These Academies are part of our promotion in getting more women into the sport and each Academy welcomes women and girls to come along and try out the sport and enjoy a game of snooker.

Special deals will be rolled out during the coming weeks to encourage participation in these academies.

The CBS Westland Row in Dublin have been promoting girls snooker for 4 years now and have included girls as part of their promotion.  An after School project on Mondays is for girls only and this has made such a great difference as more and more girls in the school now play snooker and support RILSA in the National Under 21 girls Championships.  Emirjeta Doda from the CBS won the inaugural National Under 21’s in 2014.  The CBS has 2 full size snooker tables which is a fantastic facility at the school and Alan, Vanessa and Rosie have done brilliant work in promoting the girls snooker.  Kate the principal is very supportive of the snooker at the school and see’s on a daily basis the positive effect it has on the students.


Ballinabranna National School in Carlow has had snooker at the school for 4 years and it’s mainly girls who play the sport.  The inaugural RILSA Primary School Championship in 2014 saw Orla Fitzpatrick from the school take the title.  Joe Doheny the principal is absolutely delighted with the sport and that it gives a new dimension to their sporting activities at the school and provides another activity that has taken off and it’s affect on the children who don’t play sports in general have now taken snooker up and are enjoying it.  The School has 2 6×3 fold up tables provided by RILSA.


The Griffith Club Carlow has been promoting snooker since 1978 and we are delighted to become an official RILSA Academy.  This facility will provide coaching and competition for girls and women and encourage fun and life long participation in the sport.


St Marks Special School in Newbridge have a full size table provided by RILSA and the students have taken to the sport with excitement and everyone at St Marks now play snooker.  The benefits to the students is immense as it improves life skills, confidence and hand and eye coordination.  Aileen O’Brien is the RILSA National Special Needs Officer and has seen at first hand the benefits of the sport among the students.  All the girl students now play snooker and look forward to the National Special Needs Championships along with free coaching during the season.  Aidan Murray the RILSA National Billiards Coach visits the school every Wednesday to give free coaching to the students.


Colaiste Chluan Meala in Tipperary has 2 full size tables supplied by RILSA and Leona O’Connor is the RILSA National Secondary School Officer.  Leona has seen fantastic behavioural changes among the students who have taken up the sport at the school and they are delighted with progress there.  The girls have taken up snooker over the past 4 years and time is allocated to them each week for practice.


Breakers Snooker Club Gorey is very happy to be an official RILSA Academy.  Sandra and Murt from the club welcome women and girls to Breakers.  The club has 4 full size snooker tables and 5 pool tables.  A number of women and girls already visit the club on a regular basis and we in RILSA hope to see more and more women go along and try out the excellent facilities at Breakers in the near future.

Joeys Snooker Club Dublin is now the RILSA National Coaching and Event facility in Ireland.  The club has been promoting ladies snooker for many years but have joined up as a RILSA member club 5 years ago and has facilitated RILSA in hosting the last two Ladies Irish Snooker Open events that attracted players from around the World.  We at RILSA are delighted to be associated with Joeys Dublin and thank them for all the help and support over the years.


St Laserians Special School Carlow now has a full size table supplied by RILSA.  John Hogan and the principal Sonia Gibbons are absolutely delighted with the sport at the school and like St Marks in Newbridge they see the benefits to their students.  St Laserians are very much involved with the RILSA Special Needs National Championships and any other promotions that RILSA run.  John Hogan and the woodwork students made the RILSA National 6 Red trophy that has been introduced 3 years ago.


Cloneygowan Snooker club in Offaly is a RILSA Academy run by our National Secretary Tina Keogh.  The 1 table set up is fantastic and Tina has done great work since the Academy was set last year.  She has introduced a number of local girls and women to the sport and RILSA have gained 10 new members from the area.


Darndale National School in Dublin has 7 fold up tables supplied by RILSA and the school has been promoting snooker for 5 years now.  The young girls starting at 6 years old have been introduced to snooker and coached by Dan Carroll.  These young girls are just delighted to play snooker and have fun.  Some have got tables at home for Christmas as it’s success at the school grows.


RILSA will be announcing a further 10 Academies soon so watch this space!