The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have gone way beyond their set goal of 100 Schools & Colleges by end of 2016, with now up to 300 Schools & Colleges on their membership.  This is an absolutely amazing result for RILSA and the future of women’s and girls snooker here in Ireland.

We are so proud of our success and we want to share this with everyone who has been so supportive and helpful over the past 6 years in making it the best ever promotion for the ladies sport.

We are now the most active Ladies Snooker Association in the World, with so many events on the calendar and gaining the support and developing academies in over 30 clubs and schools throughout Ireland within the past year.

A lot of hard work is being done on a daily basis by so many people around Ireland.

We want to thank all our member Schools & Colleges for their support in helping grass root snooker develop and within the next 5 to 6 years we will see thousands of young girls take up the sport and give it a try.

We are 3 years ahead of our intended targets with our 10 year plan in a lot of areas and we intend to reassess and keep working hard for the women’s sport of snooker and billiards during the months and years ahead.

A special thanks must go to the real grass root promoter’s of snooker and these are the club owners, schools, colleges, parents, volunteers, mentors and our RILSA committee members who keep and make snooker so popular all over Ireland.  Without these so very important people, our sport would not exist.

We had 155 players take to our RILSA events so far this season and we envisage that we will double this number next season as we make fantastic strides with our promotions and initiatives.

Never has there been such fantastic interest in snooker among our young people and we intend to keep this interest there by building the necessary structure and changing the culture for women and give them the equal opportunities they so deserve in sport.

We will keep you updated and thanks to each and everyone who supports RILSA