RILSA Scholarship Students 2015

The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have announced their first ever Scholarship for Girls.  This is all part of the Associations commitment to encourage participation and develop young players for the future and produce future junior and senior champions here in Ireland and at World and International levels.

One year into our 10 year plan, all is well ahead of schedule and the future is indeed bright for ladies snooker in Ireland.  These young girls will receive free coaching from Dan Carroll the RILSA National Coach and reduced table rates from some of our member clubs to help them improve and develop their skills and technique over time.

Snooker4Girls is one of our initiatives that will be rolled out to Schools and clubs during September 2015 and we are very excited with this programme.



“S4G has been beneficial to our School as it introduces girls to snooker, that have never played before, in a safe environment.”

What is Snooker4Girls (S4G)?

S4G is a one year scholarship incorporating coaching sessions with fun non-competitive blitzes aimed at increasing participation in Ladies Snooker. The programme targets girls aged between 11-17 years who are currently registered with a Ladies Snooker Academy, School, and College. In essence, this is a tool to attract new players.

What are the aims of the Snooker4Girls Programme?

  • To increase the numbers of girls playing Ladies Snooker in clubs, Schools and Colleges.
  • To provide a fun, year programme of Ladies Snooker activities to attract girls aged 11-17 to the sport.
  • To support a club in increasing their number of players, and integrate those new players into existing clubs.
  • To develop social skills for girls in a safe and nurturing environment.

What are the benefits of running Snooker4Girls in your Club?

  • Participation levels will be increased.
  • Free training will be provided to the Coaches and Co-ordinator in your Club.
  • Resources will be provided to your Club to market and advertise the Programme.
  • There is the potential for your Club to become a more vibrant, active part of your local community through enhanced participation.

What clubs, Schools, Colleges may apply for the S4G Scholarship?

All RILSA member Clubs, School and Colleges are eligible to apply.  However the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association will determine the allocation of places each year to their member clubs, Schools and Colleges as they see fit.

What does the S4G programme entail for your Club, School/College if your application is successful?

  • The Club, School/College must be able to provide participants to be part of the Programme.
  • All the S4G coaches and co-ordinators must attend training.
  • The Club, School/College must be willing to welcome ALL new members.
  • The coordinators will be provided with marketing materials e.g. flyers, posters and must use this material to promote the Programme in the schools and elsewhere.
  • The first 12 weeks of the Programme will involve and specifically designed for those who have not participated before.
  • The next 12 weeks will involve integrated training sessions to include practice routines.
  • A Mini Blitz of competitions may be available after 12 weeks (numbers dependent).
  • Clubs, Schools/Colleges must participate in a Coach workshop during the programme. This workshop is aimed at providing support and assistance to new volunteers interested in helping with coaching or running a group within the Club, School/College. It is a 3 hour course.
  • The Club, School/College must monitor the S4G participants and ensure all those who want to continue to play Ladies Snooker are registered and looked after.