The RILSA National Coach Dan Carroll spent the last 6 weeks giving free coaching to the young girls and boys of Darndale National School in Dublin.

This is our 6th year attending the school with just over 100 young students been coached and introduced to snooker during this time.

The main focus is enjoyment and making the children feel part of a club with fun games along with teaching basic adding using the various coloured balls.  Hand and eye coordination among these young children improved greatly along with their maths.

Breda Murray the principal of the school is delighted with the after schools programme and having snooker as part of the set up within the school has made a great difference in the children’s lives.  Social skills have improved among the children.

On the final day of the coaching, the children were asked to set up the balls in the correct manner and asked questions on the value of each colour along with adding the colours such as what is a red, black, red worth = 9, this all the children answered correctly and they were presented medals for their participation.

A big thank you to Sharon, Ruth, June, and all the staff of Darndale National School for their fantastic support and help in making this after schools project such a great success.  Dan is looking forward to working with the programme in 2018.  Thanks to Breda the principal for her support and great vision towards this worthwhile project at the school.

Thank you to all the children who partook and were a pleasure to work with, they are a credit to the school and teachers and indeed their parents.