The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held their 10th coaching evening recently at Sharkx Newbridge.  These coaching sessions are important in order to keep players in touch with practice routines and they also give excellent support and advice.  World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll gives these coaching sessions absolutely free of charge and the only cost to the players is a small fixed fee to cover the table lights.

RILSA will be providing coaching at least every 6 weeks to their members as it really helps them keep up to speed and encourages practice and goal setting along the way.  Our members are delighted with the high standard given and follow up routines and talks on the mind game from Dan who is a qualified Sports Psychologist as he puts the mind game into their practice routines and this is so very important for the players development.

Dan does not wave a magic wand or gives any false promises to players as their development in the game of snooker will take time and with time and practice you will see improvement.  Don’t be lead astray by promises of becoming a top snooker player in a given time as this will lead to disappointment and frustration by players.

Most important is to enjoy the sport and you will develop and improve according to your commitment level of time and practice.  If you practice only 4 times a month, then you can only realistically expect to improve slowly and again positive purposeful practice is key to your development.

Thanks to Paul and Bernie of Sharkx Newbridge for providing table time and for their support towards the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association.