The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held a number of coaching sessions at their Academy in Sharkx Newbridge during the month of January.

Coaching in both Snooker & Billiards was a great success at the Academy with good attendance, we would however like to see more of our members attend these free coaching sessions during the year.

We will be holding a number of free coaching sessions each month in both snooker & billiards at our Academy in Newbridge.

The coaching was provided by Dan Carroll World Snooker Coach and along with alignment, technique Dan concentrated in the area of break building.


Over the past few years we have seen a great improvement in many of those who attended these coaching sessions.  We have seen beginners go from making 8 to 12 breaks now making 25+ which is encouraging indeed, again many of our players need more table time and positive purposeful practice routines.

Improvement in standards take time and hard work on behalf of the player with help and encouragement by the coach working together with realistic goal setting along the way.

Thanks to everyone who attended our coaching sessions during January and we look forward to seeing you again in February at our next coaching evenings at Sharkx.