The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held their annual 3 day coaching camp at their Academy in Sharkx Newbridge recently.

RILSA also welcomed some of the up and coming young players from Stars Academy Ireland to the camp.

Dan Carroll the head coach for RILSA  along with Annette Newman, Ireland’s first official female Snooker Coach was on hand to help out during the camp.

Those attending the camp really enjoyed the few days and were delivered a professional, fun, informative time at Sharkx.

Dan gave a brief talk each morning going through the basics in technique and demonstrating the skills associated with good technique to all in attendance.

The approach to the table, bridge hand, bridge arm, grip, cue arm, stance, alignment were the main areas that Dan introduced and demonstrated during the 3 days.  A number of routines were given with the emphasis of breaking off, tactical play, laying snookers, getting out of snookers and fun mini games that have been developed to cater for the beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Psychology practice routines were introduced by Dan and met with great interest from the players as they got stuck in for some serious practice during the camp.

Annette gave the younger girls fantastic advice throughout the camp.  Her vast knowledge and experience was very evident as she made great progress with the girls.

Thanks to Annette for all her help and to all the players who took part.  Thank you to Bernie & Paul at Sharkx for all their support.


We hope to hold another camp towards end of August at Sharkx.  More information on this will be published later.