The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association National Coach, Dan Carroll got the RILSA 2016 season off to a fantastic start with 14 young women and girls from the RILSA member schools & colleges having their first of many planned coaching sessions.  With a full calendar of free coaching sessions across Ireland in the coming weeks and months to encourage more girls and women into the sport.

The Ivy Rooms was our first venue to get these players into playing the sport on a regular basis.  Our member schools, St Laserians, Hacketstown, and Ballinabranna were represented by a good turn out of lady players, all of whom were delighted with the standard of coaching and are looking forward to more of the same in the weeks ahead.  We estimate in the region of 100 young girls and women will take to the green baize during the season, this is fantastic news for RILSA who are now the leading organisation for women’s snooker and cue sports in Ireland.

The WLBS are very interested in our progress and very much support our efforts in promoting women and girls into taking up the sport.  Our ideas and the professional way we organise and approach the sport of snooker for women is being replicated in other Countries.

We are leading the way forward for women and we are absolutely delighted and amazed at our progress, which is all down to hard work on a daily basis by many fantastic people and positive responses from our member clubs, schools and colleges.

A solid future and structure is now in place for women and young girls all over Ireland for those wishing to take up the sport and we can guarantee that they will have all the necessary encouragement and support possible from this great organisation RILSA, the largest ladies snooker association in the World.